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BYD’s Super Car To Be Named Han Volvo’s XC60 To Be China Produced, and Stretched Honda Sales Up 27.6% in February 2014 Nissan Feb 2014 Sales Up 55% Austerity Sends Super Car Sales Tumbling Geely Buys Emerald Automotive to Further Electric Plans

Maxus G10 Heading to Market on March 21st

SAIC has already unveiled their G10 MPV to Chinese media, but soon it will be available for purchase with March 21st being set as the launch date.

The handsome new MPV will be priced extremely competitively with pricing start at just over 120,000RMB to 219,800RMB. Why such a big price range? Because the Maxus comes with the choice of a naturally…

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Chevrolet Trax Launching in China in Second Quarter

Chevrolet’s second SUV to be built in China will launch in the second quarter of 2014 according to GM, the sister vehicle to the Buick Encore is already being produced in China and will see a market launch soon.

As with the Encore, the Trax uses the same 1.4T engine with no naturally aspirated model yet available – although that could potentially…

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First Denza Model Spotted Near Flagship Beijing Dealership

The first car from BYD-Daimlers Denza brand has been spotted once again, this time in Beijing close to the flagship Denza dealership center from where the car will eventually be sold.

The design of the Denza came about as a joint project between Daimler and BYD, Daimler whom supplied the luxury automotive know how, and BYD who supplied the EV ability,…

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Volkswagen Up Sighted in China Again – To Launch or Not to Launch?

This is not the first time Volkswagen’s Up model has been spotted on the Chinese mainland, the tiny city car has been spotted proving in the Beijing area so many times before.

Rumors of the car have been circulating for some time, but how the model launches is still a mystery – will it be an imported model, or will it see Chinese production lines?


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Morgan Signs With Yongda To Deliver Cars

The British hand made sports car company, Morgan, has signed a distribution deal with one of the largest automotive dealers in China. The Yongda Auto Group is a leading passenger vehicle retailer and comprehensive service provider in eastern China, representing a large number of luxury and ultra-luxury auto brands including Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Land…

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Why China is the Greatest Auto Market In The World

China’s auto market is the largest auto market in the world, it is also the greatest. When America established itself as the world’s melting pot, it obviously had people in mind – people that would come from all corners of the world to work together to make something great, but China has become the melting pot of cars and it too is becoming great.


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BYD’s Super Car To Be Named Han

BYD’s Deputy Sales Manager Li Yun Fei revealed that BYD will continue to work on its dual hybrid systems throughout 2014 and will introduce a new sports car in 2015.

The sports car has already been codenamed the E9 internally with work well underway, the new car will have a Ferrari comparable time of 3.9 seconds on the 0-100km/h run. The new model…

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China’s Automobile Sales Grow Strongly in February

New data suggests that despite the overall weakening of the China’s economy, automobile sales remain robust.

Passenger vehicle sales rose some 18% in the month of February, beating most analysts expectations. An astonishing 1.6 million total vehicles (including buses and trucks) were delivered, with growth led by Toyota and Ford. Toyota, as with…

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Volvo’s XC60 To Be China Produced, and Stretched

The Volvo XC60 will become the next Volvo to be produced in China via the Volvo-Geely partnership. The XC60 will become one of the northernly produced cars when it goes into production at Volvo’s new Daqing facility later this year.

Chinese media reports are also stating that the model will gain a stretched wheelbase taking it from 4644mm on the…

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Qoros shock! Carbon fibre bodied EV shown at Geneva

Ok, so it’s a bike, or rather an eBIQE, in Qoros-speaq.

There is a certain amount of artifice in the concept, as it’s a Qoros-reworked version of young Croatian company Greyp’s G-12 electric bicycle, and the hand-laminated carbon fibre “body”, appears to be built over a steel frame.

The Greyp connection goes deeper than a supplier relationship. …

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Honda Sales Up 27.6% in February 2014

Honda sales are showing strong signs of rebounding with the company selling 40,858 units via its two joint ventures in February, an increase of 27.6% over the same period in 2013.

The February sales jump is part of a larger trend which started in December with a 60.4% surge in year on year sales and also a 33.6% sales jump in January 2014. Sales…

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Nissan Feb 2014 Sales Up 55%

Nissan’s February 2014 sales have sky rocketed to 71,900 units according to a report by Reuters, sales jumped by 55.6 percent over the same time last year which comes after a tiny drop of 0.4% in January which came after a 70.4% jump in December 2013.

This year Dongfeng Nissan and its subsidary Zhengzhou-Nissan are aiming to sell 1.4 million cars…

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Attack Helicopter Crash Lands In Farmer’s Field

Imagine you are a farmer barely getting buy in the Chinese countryside, the fertilizer costs money, the price of grain is increasing, the cost of goods at the market are increasing, including your own produce but your income is falling. What else is falling? A helicopter straight into your fields whilst your standing nearby.

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Austerity Sends Super Car Sales Tumbling

China’s Austerity drive seems to be slowing down super luxury auto sales according to the below report which cites Ferrari etc’s sales decline in the Chinese market. With Xi’s crackdown on corruption it has become common place to not wave your wealth around, demure luxury is now in chic whilst a screaming Ferrari or Lamborghini is certainly out.

The …

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