A sight for SOAR eyes – A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

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soar1 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehiclesOne of the SOAR Automotive vehicles was spotted by the top guys at the Winding Road site. It seemed SOAR automotive couldn’t/didn’t get get a place inside the Shanghai Auto Show hall, but instead parked one of their vehicles outside in the carpark and stuck some posters on the windscreen and front dash. Nobody knew what that car was based off, not until the brave super heroes of China Car Times came along. SOAR Automotive are based in the suburbs of Qingdao, China Car Times is based in Qingdao too. What a coincidence.
The first car spotted by Winding Road, and a few other automobile related blogs was this SOAR Automotive 1, as already mentioned, parked up in the parking lot with posters covering the windows. It has an interesting grill and a pair of tiny wheels. What is this car based off?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Click continue reading, to find out more and see some odd cars from SOAR automotive.

The SOAR Automotive 1 which was found in the car park, is based off nothing more than a Brilliance BS6. See below:

soar brillbs A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

So its a just either a 1.8 or a 2.0 Mitsubishi engine, (unless they’ve changed them) under the hood. What where they thinking with that front end though? It is being marketed as a luxury car by SOAR. It looked better as a regular Brilliance!
As well as redesigning the front end of that Brilliance BS6, SOAR Automotive have gone a step further, they took a regular Brilliance BS4 – We really like this car – and turned it into a station wagon! How cool is that!?!?

 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles
 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

Except, its not meant to be used as your average station wagon, instead it is intended to be a ‘luxury funeral herse’ Still, as a station wagon it looks great! Kudos to SOAR!

If the Brilliance BS4 funeral herse was a bit too upmarket for you, there is this offering from Soar:

pickup front A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

Like it? We love it! How would you like to be sent off to your eternal resting place in the back of a Nissan(?) Pick Up Truck? In all seriousness, China Car Times did once see a herse/pick up truck hybrid, but it wasn’t like this!

We think SOAR make cars for all occasions, here is a wedding car – not any old wedding car mind you, its an exact replica of a Rolls Royce Phantom – no word on pricing though:

 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

We’re desperately wondering what is under the hood on that thing.

Are you a businessman in need of a vehicle that shows who, and what you are? What you need is a luxury Ford Transit minibus! Done up of course, with suitable gaudy lighting of course, and a place to put your laptop computer!

tranny A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

The Transits insides gets even better:

tranny1 A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

And for the true ‘playa’ there is an extended Transit:

long tranny A sight for SOAR eyes   A look at SOAR Autmotives vehicles

Want more info? Fancy yourself a pick up funeral herse? Give Soar Auotmotive an email via their website

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  • anthony barbuto
    April 25, 2007

    Do you want to see the newest and latest designs in auto Lighting? What LEDs will be used for front and rear lights? What about ambient lighting? Color changing dash boards?…..Interested? Plan on attending the 3rd annual Auto Lighting Design & Tech Show in Dearborn MI, May of 2007. Contact me for a flyer and registration information. Attend for 1,2 or 3 days, but register early as seating is limited to 100-150 OEM and Lighting industry executives….anthony.barbuto@iqpc.com

  • April 27, 2007

    That’s looks like something “Mitsuoka” from Japan doing.


    I think “SOAR automotive 1″ (first and second pictures) looks like Zhonghua M2 (Brilliance BS4) more than Zhonghua M1 (BS6).

  • Terry Bradshaw
    April 27, 2007

    I think the Soar have it absolutely right – looking at their ‘creations’ make my eyes SOAR too! Arhhh just like Mitsuoka taking a perfectly acceptable design and trashing it with stupid ‘add-ons’

  • Terry Bradshaw
    April 27, 2007

    kkrit, the M2 is short on the rear end that an M! so I think that it is a BS6/M1 and not a BS4/M2. Same with the ‘hearse’ look at the rear overhang which is more BS6 that BS4

  • Bob
    April 27, 2007

    Soar 1 = BS6 – the length of the trunk is 100mm longer than the BS4.

    Hearse = front lights are 100% BS4.

    UGLY cars though.

  • Ashley
    April 27, 2007

    KKrit – Theres one of those weird Japanese cars in a Qingdao showroom – its been there for years. I always wondered what it was when I walked by on the way to school.


  • Bob
    April 27, 2007


    What are they making those extra front/rear parts out of? Fiber glass? Metal?

  • 4Real
    April 30, 2007

    The wagon is actually kind of cool (if a little awkwardly designed). They remind me of Mitsuoka too, maybe this will be the “Chinese mitsuoka”.

  • Aidan
    March 5, 2008

    Never seen anything like the Soar. Lovin it man!

  • November 7, 2009

    how much is that

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