Uncofirmed, Chery A3 and A1 to become Dodge vehicles?

We’ve heard from a few different sources over the past few days that both the Chery A1, and the Chery A3 will become Dodge branded vehicles in overseas markets.

Dodge teamed up with Chery to make an ‘economy car’ for its various overseas markets, we understand that the ‘Dodge A1′ will be first aimed at the developing markets in South America before going directly into the USA. In addition to the A1, we’ve now heard that the Chery A3 will also be joining it now. We before we had learned that Chery has six cars lined up for Dodge – we’ve heard of two so far, so what are the other four vehicles? Stick your guesses in the comment box!



  1. dragin says:

    Whichever model, Chrysler’s Mr. Klegon says it will likely be priced between 5 and 6 thousand US dollars.

  2. Ashley says:

    Isnt that cheaper than what Chery is selling them for in China?

  3. dragin says:

    Yes, I think you are right Ashley…I have seen the A1 price as high as $8,125 in China.

  4. Ashley says:

    Just checked – top end A1 is $6,590USD.


  5. aliskial says:

    Excellente voiture,prix abordables………….No comment.

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