BMW a bit upset about Chinese car clones

sceo BMW a bit upset about Chinese car clones

It seems that the German marques are getting a bit tetchy about the incoming wave of Chinese cars. A German car importer, China Automobile Deutschland, has teamed up with Shuang Huan autos of China to bring in a tiny kei car, the little Noble, the BMW X5 like SCEO SUV and also an older generation Toyota RAV4 clone, named the UFO. BMW have said if China Autombile Deutschland group were to show the SCEO at the Frankfurt show then they would definelty have to look at taking legal action against the distribution of the SUV in Germany. Previously BMW also managed to stop the importation of the SCEO SUV into Italy, earlier this year we heard of a French companies plans to import the SCEO into France, but China Car Times is unsure if BMW managed to stop them or not.

The SCEO was unveiled in 2005 and is powered by a range of Mitsubishi engines. Sure, the SCEO is highly inspired by a previous generation BMW X5 but its a lot of car for a little money in China, and also, quite possibly the most important part, SCEO drivers manage to drive their SUV’s much better than their X5 driving equivalents.


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