BYD F1, worlds cheapest car ever

BYD really are going to mass produce the worlds cheapest automobile and bring cheap motoring to the masses in China, previously the BYD F1 price tag was 30,000rmb but now it seems that figure has been changed down to a mere 23,000rmb.

Previously, the record was held by the Binzhou automotive group, but seeing as they are not mass produced, we can forget about them. The cheapest 800cc QQ3 is 27,000rmb, Ben Ben, Hafei Sai Bao, Suzuki WagonR’s, Little Nobels etc are all 30,000rmb and up.

While we’re not entirely sure what the BYD will be running under the hood, or what it will be made of, we’re quite excited (or worried) to see that Chinese manufacturers are pushing the boundries on the car pricing, the BYD is a smidgen over 3000USD. China Car Times previously got up close and personal with little Nobel and noted the interior quality, was not the greatest. Generally, the BYD range of cars are quite well made, but at 3,000USD what is this going to be like?

BYD make a profit on this, the government gets a cut on it, the logistics co will want a cut for sending it to the dealer, the dealer will also want a cut for selling it and supporting it, so just how much does it cost for BYD to make this car, $2000USD? Guesses in the comment box.


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