Buick Lacrosse Hybrid Next Year


The Buick Lacrosse is quite popular with high level executives in China, initially it had sales that could be described as luke-warm, probably due to the Tiger Woods related Golf advertisements, and most of Chinas executives looking at Tiger Woods and thinking ‘Who is that?’ If it was Bill Gates instead of Tiger, we bet that there would be a million Lacross sales by now, golf just aint mainstream in China (yet)

The Lacrosse will be based on the Aura Green Line Hybrid that was showcased at the Guangzhou auto show earlier this year. The hybrid Lacrosse will be based on a 2.4l engine and will be just $2,400USD more than the gasoline version, the current price of the Lacrosse ranges from 170,000rmb for the basic 2.4 model to 320,000rmb for the top end 3.0l model.

Shanghai GM are the third foreign car manufacturer to launch a hybrid in China, the first being Toyota with their Prius, and the second being Honda with their Civic (the Civic is an imported model) Last week, Chang’an became the first domestic maker to mass produce a hybrid vehicle.

Buick plans to release the Lacrosse Hybrid in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympics which are stated to be a green Olympics, hence the number of car manufacturers who are rushing to create hybrid or plugin vehicles for the 2008 games.


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