BYD E6: Pure electric crossover!

BYD seem to be the big boys in China when it comes to making pure electric vehicles! They showed off the BYD E6 at the Beijing Auto Show this week, and received much interest in the vehicle.


Although the BYD E6 is still at a concept stage, the E6 could be rolling the streets as soon as 2010. The specifications of the electric car arent that shabby either, a top speed of over 160kph, and the ability to recharge from a 220v electricity outlet within 15 minutes and on a full charge will be able to travel 300km.

BYD have been carrying out intensive research work on their batteries, putting them through hot and cold testing to avoid explosions or other quality issues.

e6.jpg e6a.jpg



  1. aron says:

    The front end strongly resembles (clones) the Honda Odyssey, although the back end is somewhat different. Still, BYD is a world class battery maker, and Autoblog green did give praise to BYD for their electric sedan so maybe the powertrain behind it isn’t that bad! Still, BYD, c’mon, stop copying other company’s aethestic designs. Maybe SAIC should buy ‘em out to use their hybrid and electric powertrains.

    • calvin says:

      All cars in the same class are more or less similar to each other. this baby is totally different from the Honda Odyssey.

  2. mememe says:

    It is said that the e6 will enter production by 2009 or 2010.

    anyone know for sure ? ash ?

  3. Michael Wallis says:

    According to this post:


    BYD plans to sell BYD E6 Electric and Plug-in Hybrid F6DM in Israel” in 2009.

  4. Jumanazar says:

    Looks Gr8, Hope to see in market soon, if this car can run on full charge 400km,,:)

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