Hyundai Genesis – On the market on 23rd Sept

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rohen Hyundai Genesis   On the market on 23rd SeptThe Hyundai Genesis is set to launch onto the Chinese market on September 23rd, in just over two weeks time.

The Genesis is Hyundais first shot at the upmarket luxury sedan segment in China, and they’re not coming empty handed. The Genesis will be sold in China with either a 3.3l engine, or a 3.8l engine (Chinese reports say a V6 engine). The Genesis has actually been renamed for the Chinese market, it is to be called the Rohen within the borders of the PRC, although the Chinese media refer to the Genesis as the ‘Lao En Si’ (劳恩斯)

Pricing of the Genesis/Rohen has yet to be announced, but with the sales tax on big engines just increasing, we can bet that this motor will be more than 280,000rmb, possibly upto 350,000rmb range.


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