New Mazda 6 gets new name in China

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mazda rui yi New Mazda 6 gets new name in ChinaFAW-Mazda are set to launch the new Mazda6 in early 2009, but the previous generation Mazda6 will continue with production, giving Mazda a two Mazda6 line up in the PRC. Mazda announced today that the new Mazda6, or the Atenza, will be named the Rui Yi ( 睿翼) for the domestic Chinese market, Rui Yi roughly translates to Prestigous Wing in English.

The Mazda Rui Yi will go on the market in early 2009, with a 2.5l engine priced at over 200,000rmb.

The older Mazda6 will appeal to consumers who require a good sized car at a reasonable price, where as the new Rui Yi will appeal to those who require a luxury sedan.

China Car Times is unsure if the new Rui Yi will come in wagon, or sports hatch form as did the current Mazda6.


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