Renault to build PRC factories, and introduce 3 new cars to China

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Renault is quite possibly the last of the ‘big brands’ from the West to enter China, Renault previously entered the PRC to make the Renault Trafficmaster MPV/Van in 1993 however, this joint venture with Jiang Nan eventually broke down. Rumors about Renault entering the PRC again have been circulating for quite some time now, however, last week Renault laid down firm plans for Chinese expansion.

Until now, Renault has been importing cars into China but has seen limited sales due to the high tax placed on imported cars, but now that they have cemented plans to work with Dongfeng, the joint venture partner of PSA, Honda, and Nissan.  Renault is reportedly planning to produce the Koleos SUV, the Megane, and the Laguna in China, many of these cars have shared platforms with Nissan models, some of which are already produced domestically in China by Dongfeng, so the sharing of components between the two brands will be highly likely.

Renault has been planning for several years to enter into China with Chinese factories, however, their plans have never been put into practice. Hopefully this time around, the DongfengRenault JV will be more successful than the original Trafficmaster JV.


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