Roewe 750i

Roewe have launched a new version of their reasonably popular 750 sedan, this time the model is named ‘i’. The 750i is a limited edition model priced at 258,800rmb to celebrate the snookers masters event, furthermore Roewe are only making 300 of the 750i’s making them super limited!

The 750i has the letter M on the C-pillar, M standing for ‘Master’, of course. Further editions to the 750i include the ‘Master’ being stitched into the leather of the seats.

In addition, Roewe will also give away pens that are used by the snooker world masters themselves to each lucky buyer. For the Masters promotion, Roewe will also collect and deliver your car for each service within a 50km radius, two yearly full valets are included within the first year of ownership.


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