Besturn B50 – FAW’s latest toy uncovered

FAW have been working hard on their own brand of cars for quite some time, utilising foreign technology and design, they’ve pushed some way ahead of their domestic competition, but their one car brand, oddly named ‘Besturn’ (seperate the two words, and you get Best Urn – not the worlds most confidence inspiring name for an auto) is missing a second car, this is where the B50 comes in.

besturnb50.thumbnail Besturn B50   FAWs latest toy uncovered besturnb501.thumbnail Besturn B50   FAWs latest toy uncovered

besturnb502.thumbnail Besturn B50   FAWs latest toy uncovered besturnb503.thumbnail Besturn B50   FAWs latest toy uncovered

The B50 is an A-segment car that will use a 2.0l Mazda engine, or the option of a basic 1.6 from the latest Jetta/Sagitar for the base model. The B50 is aimed at the Buick Excelle, and the Hyundai Elantra market and will most probably be cheaper than its rivals. You can certainly see FAW’s some influence from Audi (FAW’s joint venture partner) in the B50, especially with the folds on the door skin and also the rear bumper is certainly Audi-esque, although the car is said to be designed by Italdesign.

As we recieve more information on this car, we’ll keep you updated.


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