Buick Regal – Insignia – delayed until end of the year

buick regal red side Buick Regal   Insignia   delayed until end of the yearAccording to the Chinese automotive media, the Buick Regal, aka the Opel Insignia, is to be delayed until the end of year, the original launch date was set to be October, but it appears to have been pushed back by two months to December 2008, the reasoning hasnt been fully explained as of yet though.

Further information was leaked to the Chinese press, presumebly to quench the thirst that the media have whipped up regarding the new Regal, the old Regal being one of the best selling Buicks in China, its no wonder that the Chinese have a whole lot of love for the new Regal. Prices are set to be from 200,000rmb to 250,000rmb, and engines will be turbo assisted, shying away from the GM (over) reliance on V6 engines for their luxury models, a 1.6T will be used that allegedly produce an impressive 180bhp/230nm and also a 2.0TSIDI which gives out 220bhp/350nm.

An interesting car, look out for its possible launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show!


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