Great Wall Hover Updated for 08/09

The Great Wall Hover SUV has been a success story for Great Wall, an SUV that clearly put them on the map in China, but for 08/09 the Hover has been given a slight face lift, which will surely only aid sales in 09.

updated hover.thumbnail Great Wall Hover Updated for 08/09 updated hover1.thumbnail Great Wall Hover Updated for 08/09

updated hover2.thumbnail Great Wall Hover Updated for 08/09 updated hover3.thumbnail Great Wall Hover Updated for 08/09

According to Great Wall, the interior has been updated and also the addition of an updated 2.7l Diesel engine which Great Wall and Bosch worked on together. The engine reportedly produces 300nm of power from 1800rpm to 2600rpm, and uses an impressive 4.7l of fuel when travelling at 60kph, which is pretty much inner city travelling speeds at non peak hours. The engine is also upto Euro 3 emissions standards, which is fine for everywhere in China except Beijing, which enacted a Euro 5 emissions policy for all new car sales. For non diesel lovers, Great Wall are still putting the 2.4 Mitsubishi engine into their Hovers, but the latest model actually reaches Euro 5 emissions standards.

China Car Times would buy a Hover, but we’re still waiting for the automatic gearbox model, we’ve only been waiting several years to date.

Great Wall have also announced that they will export 3000 pick ups to Australia in 2009, the trucks are a mixture of Sailor and Wingle pick-up trucks that have been designed to meet Australian design rules, the Great Wall Hover SUV is also undergoing a slight redesign for the Australian market. Great Wall has modified its trucks to meet Euro 3 emissions specifications for the Australian market.


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