SouEast V3 – Cheap at twice the price, loaded too

The SouEast V3 is SouEast’s latest small sedan, and their first own design, (although to China Car Times it looks like a re-worked previous generation Mitsubishi Lancer)

The V3 was officially launched yesterday, and comes with a 1.5l MIVEC Mitsubishi engine underneath. The best part about the V3 is the price, it starts at a mere 64,800rmb to 85,800rmb, which is quite frankly, nothing!

SouEast are launching 5 models of the V3, a basic, a standard, a luxury, a flagship and a flagship sunroof model. For a sub 100,000rmb compact sedan, the V3 is looking set to take to that particular segment very well, with only the Haima Family (aka Mazda 323) performing well in that area.

The 1.5l engine is also noteworthy, with it requiring just 4.3l of fuel for an average speed of 60kph, which is probably on par with a 1.3l engine. The engine also reaches Euro 5 emissions specs.

 SouEast V3   Cheap at twice the price, loaded too  SouEast V3   Cheap at twice the price, loaded too

Besides the good looks, and the engine, the V3 also has a variety of goodies packed in. The wireless entry, and wireless ignition system is usually only found on cars twice the price, so to see the system in the sub 100,000rmb segment is a real suprise, the V3 also has a DVD/Navigation system, and a CD player with MP3 connection.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the V in V3 stands for, its V for Victory!


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