The Transformers of Zhejiang Province

Transformers was as big a movie in China as it was in the USA, a generation of Chinese men grew up watching the first foreign cartoon to be allowed into the PRC and thus, a cult following has been built up around Transformers in China. One man in Zhejiang province, Mr. Zhu, let his enthusiasm for Transformers get the better of him, he actually built a few of his own Transformer robots out of used car parts, including an old BMW 735i front end, which he bought from a scrap car dealer.

transformer1.thumbnail The Transformers of Zhejiang Province transformer2.thumbnail The Transformers of Zhejiang Province transformer3.thumbnail The Transformers of Zhejiang Province

transformer4.thumbnail The Transformers of Zhejiang Province transformer5.thumbnail The Transformers of Zhejiang Province

The robots are used as a promotional tool for Mr. Zhu’s own scrap metal business. Trade should surely be rather swift for Mr. Zhu now, since he’s been mentioned in many large media outlets in the PRC.

Mr. Zhu is not the first to make his own Transformers, there was the Citroen transfomer a while back as well.


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