Zotye – Bigger things in the pipe works

Zotye maybe just a small Chinese automaker on the surface, but if you actually dig a little deeper into their background, you soon find that they have plenty of history in the Chinese auto industry, but more on that at a later date. It was Chery that rose from no where in the last decade with nothing more than an abused and unwanted Ford UK engine plant, and the plans/tooling to an equally outdated first generation SEAT Toledo. These second hand items didnt delay Chery into becoming one of the most up and coming Chinese automaker, and the same may be said for Zotye. Their recent deal with Fiat will see the first generation Fiat Multipla and the Lancia Lybra flying under the Zotye branding, spy pics of of the latter were recently posted to the internet:

lybra.thumbnail Zotye   Bigger things in the pipe works lybra1.thumbnail Zotye   Bigger things in the pipe works

The Lybra was Fiats attempt at cracking the upmarket sedan segment, but whether or not the Lybra is any shape to take on the likes of Brilliance with their BS4/BS6 models is another issue. Perhaps we’ll see another Chery like economic miracle from Zotye, but what they need is to launch the right car, at the right price, and with a good design. It looks like they may have some catching up to do if they are planning on selling the Lybra without any sort of facelift.


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