FAW-Mazda to build new factory, to increase production by 100k

Mazda, and its joint venture partner FAW, have plans to build a new factory which will see their production increase by 100,000 cars per year.

Mazda plan to begin sales of the new Mazda 6 in 2009, and will sell it alongside the existing Mazda 6. The existing Mazda 6 sold 60,000 units from January until the end of October, showing that the old ’6 still has some sales power left in it. Mazda have been carrying out advertising that by adding 10,000rmb to your car buying budget, you can jump from the A-Segment (compact sedan) to the B-Segment (mid size sedan), which easily affords the current Mazda 6.

Final plans for the factory, and its geographical location have not yet been announced by Mazda or FAW.


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