The New Buick Regal makes Shanghai girl go crazy

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The new Buick Regal is quite a car, Europeans will know it as the Opel Insignia, but to Chinese markets its certainly the new Regal. CCT is by no means a Buick fan, but the new Regal makes us want to become a Buick owner in our tender 20′s, and it seems the Regals attraction was just too much for this Shanghai girl:


As soon as the young man says he doesnt want to buy the Buick Regal, the girl jumps in the car and starts the engine, going forwards and backwards. The boyfriend, in fear of what damage she might cause, pulls out his credit card and says he’ll buy the car.

The transcript is as follows:

Woman: This car is suitable for me!

Man: Its not suitable! Everytime we go shopping you’re like this!

[woman jumps in car]

Man: Stop! Stop! Stop!


Man: Okay! Okay! Ill buy it!

The video ends with the caption:

Men should always remember:

1. Women are always right

2. If in doubt, see no1.

The video first appeared on Chinese video sharing website yesterday, and garnered several hundred thousand views. Many rather cynical users are saying that its a viral video from GM, especially after the previous Chevy girl V’s tow truck video last month, and also what kind of dealer leaves keys in the ignition?

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  • Rick in China
    January 14, 2009

    I’ve been watching this car for some time, really like the body styling of the Opel Insignia, and wish they kept the Opel Insignia brand for release in China as the thunderbolt is much more appealing than “Buick” which has the “hi grandma” stigma attached in my mind forever, however, I’m willing to overlook that and seriously looking at the new regal….waiting on these new potential tax benefits and/or other car purchase incentives to take effect!

    That being said, this girl is a f*cking NUTCASE, and this guy is clearly weak. He has to learn to smack his bitch up (not physically, of course) and take control of an out of control “always does it” shopaholic who treats him like a wallet….poor guy.

  • mememe
    January 14, 2009

    what kind of dealer leaves keys in the ignition?

    very good question

  • sgp
    January 14, 2009

    promotion video…

  • dogtucker
    January 14, 2009

    Its all BS Rick, calm down before your poor heart gives up otherwise yr bitch will have to smack you!

  • woxihuanpijiu
    January 14, 2009

    LOL, looks like a typical situation in Shanghai…… What do we expect when “modern” Shanghainese girls can’t cook but Shanghainese boys are taught to cook from their mums….. A good friend (Shanghainese girl incidently) told me there are no real men left in Shanghai no, this video is evidence of that.
    The 有钱人(rich man) needs to grow some balls and get rid of that spoilt gold digging $%^#*.
    No harassing the dealer. If he is selling the car it makes sense to start it up for them even if it’s in the showroom. It would be impolite to yank them out when the customer is still standing at the vehicle unless it was to show them the functions on the remote (he might have done that before the S#$% hit the fan). NB, my normal perception of car dealers are that they are the scum of the earth…

  • woxihuanpijiu
    January 14, 2009

    I was thinking its BS too.
    The person with the camera is sitting in the PASSENGER seat of another car minding his own business taking a video of the interior (this is what makes me think its a setup) then suddenly these two lovebirds start raising their voices and its all on.

  • dogtucker
    January 14, 2009

    Its BS woxi old chap- a set up like the tow truck one-even if Shanghai women are shockers (and they are) the facts as you state-camera at the ready plus key in the car etc just make it as real as a Gucci bag in Beijings silk market!

  • shanghaibob
    January 14, 2009

    Can’t tell if the clip is real or not, but I agree it is a typical situation between a Shanghai man and Shanghai princess. Most Shanghai girls are a pain – but not all.

  • Ash
    January 14, 2009

    I had a SH girlfriend when I was 18, I think she was 24, and a true princess, in other words, she was a total pain in the ass. I had no time for rudeness at that age, I had beer to consume. I think I told her where to go after two weeks.

  • joe23521
    January 14, 2009

    Something tells me we’ll be seeing another video of a crazy Shanghai woman involving a Cadillac of some sort in the next couple of months.

  • Pete
    January 15, 2009

    At no point do the two guys attempt to open the door? It’s possible for the keys to have been in the ignition, but impossible for a Shanghai female to be able to find reverse gear that easily, particularly in an unfamiliar car. I rest my case.

  • commentator09
    March 24, 2009

    Buick New Regal style much more sport-luxury and interesting than Opel’s.
    More like Germany lux cars. Opel’s grill a bit low-down.

    For SH princess, much like luxury pet.
    I rather had Mercedes+regular girl, than SH princess + NewRegal.
    What a pity SH boy!

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