Electric Geely Panda to be built this year

panda-electricNews from Geely seems to be an unstoppable stream lately, the biggest privately owned Chinese car company is clearly pushing its brand to new limits in 2009. The latest news snippet from Geely is regarding their plans for their first pure electric vehicle, which is set to be the extremely well built Geely Panda.

A Geely executive, Mr. Cai Wang Zi, revealed in a recent interview that work on the Geely Panda has finished and is expected to go into production at the end of the year, or early next year at the latest. Pricing for the Geely Panda is set from 40,000rmb to 60,000rmb, although the pricing for the electric version has not yet been announced, Mr. Cai mentioned that it wont be much more than the gasoline version.



  1. jason says:

    geely,make a lot of progress in r&d,
    please continue, caiyu.

  2. ultra says:

    GO AHEAD GUYS ! I invested a fortune in your stock

  3. WoodChuck says:

    I have been following the latest pro-active developments initiated by the chairman of Geely Motors. I bought shares today and am excited awaiting the entry of Geely products into the US marketplace.
    WoodChuck in Maine

  4. hamdygebely says:

    kindly send me the selling price for geely panda i want to buy it from china

  5. Jack says:

    I’ve seen a Geely Panda on the streets of Beijing, and I have to say it is a fine looking car.

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