2009 Sales Round Up

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As pretty much everyone knows, 2009 was a brilliant year for Chinese automotive manufacturers with sales coming in faster than most companies could produce cars, some are saying that 2010 will continue with a trend of 20% expansion, but it is more than likely that the Chinese car industry will go from hot to warm in 2010. However, here’s a 2009 sales round up.

In 2009 car sales reached an impressed 1826424 vehicles, which is a 66% increase over 2008 sales. The overall winner in 2009 is Wuling, a subsidary of GM and SAIC, which sold over a million vehicles in 2009 and posted an increase of over 63.9% in sales.

Shanghai GM posted sales of 727631 vehicles, and an increase of 58.6% in sales over the previous year. Buick was responsible for sales of 447011 cars (an increase of 59.6%), Chevrolet reached sales of 272773 vehicles (an increase of 59.4%), Cadillac was at a mere 7276 vehicles, but was still an increase of 10.4%. From July 2009 to December 2009, every month was a new record high for Shanghai GM, and was the first car company in China to sell more than 100,000 vehicles in a single month.

Shanghai VW, the JV between SAIC and VW sold an impressive 720,800 vehicles in ’09, making it the biggest seller of sedans in China.

FAW-VW, the JV between VW and FAW produces some VW models and also some Audi models in North East China. Total sales for the year reached 690,700 vehicles. Audi was responsible for sales of 157,188 vehicles (an increase of 33.1%) which is a new record for Audi China. The new Audi A4L with its lengthened wheel base sold 37461 units, which is an increase of 82%. The new Audi A6L sold 104217 units, an increase of 22%. Audi imported models sold 14821 vehicles, an increase of 22%. Audi still remains a champion of the luxury market.

Hyundai-Kia reached sales of 810,000 vehicles, not including imported models, and posted a sales increase of 85.9%. Beijing-Hyundai JV reached sales of 570310, and averaging monthly sales of around 30,000 to 60,000 vehicles, Hyundai-Kia also went through six months with every months sales reaching a new record.

Chang’an-Ford reached sales of 230726, an increase of 48% over the year before, and an 8 year all time sales high for Ford. The Ford Focus sold 134336 vehicles in ’09, an increase of 19%, the Ford Mondeo increased in sales by 12.3%, whilst the S-Max raised sales by 22.1%. The Ford Fiesta sold 47358 models, making it the best selling small car in ’09.

Guangzhou-Honda had sales of 365623 vehicles in ’09 which is an increase of 19.4%. The new Honda Accord sold 175361 vehicles which makes it the leader in the mid size sedan market, and was the first mid size sedan to break the million units produced barrier, albeit over different generations of model.

Guangzhou-Toyota sold 200,940 vehicles in ’09, and an increase of 21.7%. The new Camry sold 150,620 vehicles in 2009, and accounts for over 17% of the 2.3-2.5L mid size sedan market.

Dongfeng-Honda sold 210600 vehicles, the first time it has crossed the 200,000 barrier. The CRV broke through the 100,000 units sold barrier, and become the best selling SUV in China. The recently launched Honda Spiror sold 12,000 units in the four months it was on the market.

Dongfeng-Nissan reached sales of 510,700 vehicles, an increase of 47%, with the new Teana, Bluebird Sylphy, Tiida, and Livina models all averaging monthly sales of over of 100,000 vehicles.

PSA sales were at 27006 units sold in ’09, an increase of 52%. Dongfeng-Citroen, and Dongfeng Peugeot reached sales of 460,000 units, with another 15000 vehicles still on order. The recently launched Citroen C4 hatch sold 11,000 units alone in December, making it a new high for Citroen in China. Combined sales of the C4 saloon and hatch reached 70,297 vehicles in the time they were on the market in 2009. The Peugeot 307, built by Dongfeng, reached sales of 10,000 in December alone, and sold 80,000 over the course of the year, the Peugeot 207 sold 7500 units in December alone.

Mazda sales reached 179679 units in ’09, an increase of 41%. FAW-Mazda sales reached 106982 units, an increase of 27%, whilst the Chang’an-Mazda JV had sales of 72697 units, an increase of 67%.

Chery sales in December alone reached 63967 units a record number for Chery in one month, Chery finalised their goal of producing over 500,000 vehicles in a single year, and became the biggest domestic independent producer of cars.

BYD sales in December alone reached 60150 units, an increase of 283.3% over the previous year. The F3 was responsible for sales of 35839 vehicles, the third month in a row that it has broken the 30,000 units sold in a month record. Total sales for 2009 reached 448477 vehicles, an increase of over 100% over the previous years.

Great Wall sold 220,500 vehicles in 2009, which is not bad for a car manufacturer that focuses primarily on SUV’s and pick up trucks. GWM have only recently started producing small cars. Domestic sales are up 155%, and GWM still remains the largest Chinese car exporter in 2009.

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  • Bjorn
    January 14, 2010

    I think these numbers are not accurate.
    At least they dont add up to 1.8 million. GM is 1 Mil. VW 700.000. Nissan 510.000, Hyundai 810.000 and then there are all the others.
    Are the cummulative number of the last 20 years?

  • Gerald
    January 14, 2010

    I think that perhaps a digit was left off of the total?

  • Ed
    January 15, 2010

    The manufacturers listed here are not all of the automakers combined, fairly easy to figure out.

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