Geely iG – small, hybrid, and has gullwing doors – seriously, what more could you want?

Gullwing doors are quite frankly awesome, they should certainly be on more production cars, of which the Geely IG. If you though the IG was simply a concept car you are wrong. A quick chat with Geely’s PR director at the Beijing Auto Show revealed that the vast majority of Geely cars on show at this years Beijing Auto Show were production cars, and would be seeing production lines and dealership interiors in the short future, of course the IG is no exception here.

Of course come production time, the IG is likely to loose its gullwing doors as in tight inner city centers where the IG will be marketed the most, its not entirely practical to open your car door and have it hit the neighboring cars door, or the roof of the car park.

The IG is actually a hybrid vehicle, with it running a regular run of the mill 1.0L engine, but interestingly paired to a low cost hybrid system that Geely have called the GSG system, which is in fact a rather large alternator that stops and starts the IG at traffic lights and junctions, then starts it again when the driver press the accelerator. Essentially it is a mild hybrid.

If you’re wondering what IG stands for, it is of course for Intelligent Geely, which is probably why the hood has a solar panel built into it so it can also help the battery trickle charge whilst it is being worked hard by the GSG system. Interestingly, Geely have got the price for the IG’s powertrain system down to a mere 10,000rmb, or just over $1400USD.

Production of IG is currently unknown, but it is supposed to be set for production in Geely’s Lin Hai facility, which is located in Zhejiang province, not far from Geely’s hometown of Hangzhou.


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