71 cars entitled to green subsidy

Earlier this year the central government announced a range of subsidies for green cars, including subsidies for less polluting cars that were upto Euro5 specification and had low carbon emissions. As of today the government announced a list of 71 cars from 16 different manufacturers that qualify for the subsidy of upto 3000rmb. Whilst the subsidy is small at just under $500USD, it will be enough to encourage sales of various vehicles, JAC, BYD, Hyundai, Chang’an and other manufacturers all have models that qualify for the program, which shows that it is not just joint venture cars that have the ability to producer greener, leaner cars anymore.

The models that have subsidies available to them are as follows:

JAC models: Tong Yue RS, Tong Yue, Yue Yue (although the Yue Yue has yet to launch)

GM models: Sail hatchback and sedan, Lova 1.2l, Cruze 1.6MT and Buick Regal 1.6T


Beijing Hyundai: i30, Verna

Suzuki: Alto

Chang’an: Jie Xun, Zhi Xiang, Ben Ben Mini

Greatwall: Florid

Kia: Forte, Rio

Honda: Fit, City

Brilliance: FRV

Chery: A3, Karry You You, A3, A5

Skoda: Superb, Octavia

VW: Lavida

Wuling: Chevrolet Spark, Breadvan

Geely: Panda

The big winner here appears to be JAC, who have an entire range of cars that are set to get their auto sales subsidized by the government over the next few weeks, notable absentees include super minis from joint venture companies such as Ford’s Fiesta, the Toyota Yaris, and Nissan’s recently launched March.



  1. Colin says:

    Just one more reason for me to pick up a ben ben mini, with the safety spec it is up around the 39000 mark without any other discounts which is a hair high I think, this may push it over the edge for me. Love those tiny little cars.

  2. I count only 30 cars on the list. Where is the rest?
    Greetings! Erik

  3. Love Kr****ya says:

    Chery: A3, Karry You You, A3, A5″

    Duplicate “A3″, or it may means A3 sedan and A3 hatchback…

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