Geely brand to die in 2012

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Last week at Geely’s newest flagship dealership in Shanghai, Geely announced that the Geely brand will slip away from the mainstream by 2012, and will allow its sub brands to pick up the slack. Geely’s sub brands include Gleagle, Emgrand, and Shanghai Englon which will be strenthened over the coming months. Gleage is Geely’s global brand and is a shortening of ‘Global Eagle’, Emgrand is Geely’s luxury brand and Shanghai Englon will be used for the LTI Taxi project and other economy vehicles.

The vice president of Geely Group, Mr. Liu Jinliang was quoted as saying “We will not push this type of dealership elsewhere in the country, except for special areas of interested such as Nanjing and Tianjin”.  The new flagship dealership covers over 1.2 acres of land and sells all of Geely’s brands under one roof.

Geely is finding slow growth in first and second tier cities, but third and fourth tier cities are seeing double digit sales growth for Hangzhou based Geely, with the fastest growth in Western China, and also North China.

Geely is going to ramp up the number of Emgrand dealerships to 200 by the end of 2010, and will increase to 250 by 2012, Geely is focusing on assisting dealerships achieve a greater profitability and increase service level, but will not increase the no of Geely dealerships, and dealerships that don’t meet the demand will be cut from the line up.

Once the Geely Freedom Ship and Yuan Jing models have been moved over to the Gleagle brand and the King Kong and Golden Eagle models moved over to the Shanghai Englon, then Geely will be retired from the market.

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  • Ed
    September 9, 2010

    “China-bashers have an intimate knowledge of people they bash. It is this intimate “know the enemy” knowledge that makes their bashing stick.

    Chinese bashers of Japan and Korea on the other hand are pretty clueless about people they bash, so their bashing is not convincing at all.

    A word of advice for Chinese nationalists; know the country you bash thoroughly if you hope to win an argument.”

    Once again, you’ve shown off your amazingly high IQ. Can I get a source for that? Or is it just a pile of letters flying off your mouth? I can write pages on my own opinions and beliefs, but they are only my opinions unless I can prove they are all true. I seriously question what you’ve said above based on all the BS from you before.

  • Ed
    September 9, 2010

    and I guess you guys are all experts on China who know China better than the Chinese themselves, based on what IHC wrote?

  • Head Honcho
    September 9, 2010

    Sometimes people that live in China might know more than someone that is Chinese and doesn’t live in China. Not picking sides or anything but easily a possibility.

  • korean_guy
    September 9, 2010


    “and I guess you guys are all experts on China who know China better than the Chinese themselves,”

    Never claimed we knew Chinese better than Chinese. We just stated China’s ignorance of their neighbors/competitors. We know more about China than Chinese know about Korea.

  • Patrick
    September 9, 2010

    I had a question about the article..

    Does the article say wether the parent group will keep its “Geely” name?

  • woxihuanpijiu
    September 9, 2010


    It doesn’t say but we should assume it for now seeing Geely is listed on the HK stockmarket so any change to the parent company should be announced to shareholders if there is one which doesn’t seem apparent yet, if at all.

  • Patrickt
    September 10, 2010

    Oh dear. These guys really have lost the plot. I though their sub-brands were jokes when I first heard of them. After all why would any sane business deliberately pick “Engrish” names for the products? Gleagle, Emgrand, and Shanghai Englon? These belong on joke blogs not on any serious product. They can certainly kiss their global aspirations goodbye on the basis of these ridiculous names.

  • Ed
    September 10, 2010

    @Head Honcho
    Do you think these korean guys would go anywhere close to China?(except for South Korea) lol.

    “We know more about China than Chinese know about Korea.”
    Again, may I get your source for that? Or is it just another pile of meaningless letters flying off your mouth.

    Anyways, This article has nothing to do with Korea, and let’s just stop here.

  • PK
    September 10, 2010

    Geely is good name for oversea market, might be not for China itself, but 3 sub-names they chose, I like only Emgrand sounds higher class, Englon is not too bad for classic type of vehicles, but Gleagle too hard to call/pronouce perhaps find some other names to suit youngsters or kids or fashionalble name…

  • Patrick
    September 10, 2010


    The name “EMGRAND” ===> VERY NICE
    The name “ENGLON” ===> ACCEPTABLE

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