Riich M1-EV launches, priced high!

riichm1a 300x199 Riich M1 EV launches, priced high!

Riich M1

The Riich M1-EV was first unveiled at the 2009 Shanghai Auto Show and has become a major feature in Chery’s electric vehicle line up, now it has finally made it to production and to sale.

Prices are set at 149,900 rmb and rising over five different model specifications:

  • M1-EV 1 – 149,900
  • M1-EV 2 – 169,800
  • M1-EV 3 – 189,800
  • M1-EV 4 – 209,800
  • M1-EV 5 – 229,800

On the power front the M1-EV is a 336V 40Kw power system and takes its juice from 60Ah Li-ion batteries which will propel the car to a top speed 120kph for a max distance of 150km. For charging, the M1-EV can use 220 volt power and will take 6 to 8 hours to reach a full charge, but at a quick charging system it can be charged to 80% in less than 30 minutes. The EV-1 is shaping up to be a fairly safe car with it having air bags and E-ABS to to avoid battery explosions and also has EPS, it also uses regentitive braking to make electricity when its on the road.

Initial pricing seems to be high with it ranging from $22,000USD to over $35,000USD but consumers in various cities will receive upto 60,000rmb ($9,000USD) in subsidies which will lower costs considerably. However, even with subsidies the M1 is still expensive, it is likely that government organizations will take up the M1 in a bid to lower costs to end buyers.


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