Dongfeng Nissan’s Concept car breaks loose at Guangzhou Auto Show

DSCF9386 300x225 Dongfeng Nissans Concept car breaks loose at Guangzhou Auto Show
Dongfeng-Nissan recently signed a deal to recycle ex-Nissan platforms into a new economy brand for the Chinese market (and likely beyond the PRC’s borders). Venucia is their creation and will be hitting the market in 2012 or later, the logo features five stars (as a possible nod to China with its five star flag) but according to the press release the five stars represent the five promises that Venucia will make to its clients; “to respect customers, create value, do the best, achieve world-class quality, and seek the dream” Whilst having possibly worse grammar than the average China Car Times news posting, the first Venucia model actually looks quite sharp in its early concept stage.

Updated: Correct pictures!


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