BYD to unveil S6 SUV DM in Detroit – DM standing for Dual Mode, aka Hybrid

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DSCF9398 300x225 BYD to unveil S6 SUV DM in Detroit   DM standing for Dual Mode, aka HybridBYD are staffed by a clever bunch of people, despite their set backs in the past few months which were largely out of their control they are still on track in producing tomorrows cars. One day when the rest of the world are fighting over the left overs of hydro-carbon deposits, BYD owners will be wafting along silently in their dual mode and pure electric models, of which BYD has so far developed the F3DM, the E6 pure electric and the forth coming S6 DM SUV.

To further wet America’s appetite for sensibly priced electric vehicles, BYD will be showing off their S6 SUV in dual mode form, i.e. it can be powered by battery power or regular gasoline engine.BYD are saying that this is the world’s first AWD dual mode SUV (perhaps Lexus might argue that point). The S6DM actually has two motors, both 14bhp which power the front wheels and a 102bhp traditional gasoline engine to power the rear, both the electric motors and the gasoline engine can be utilized at the same time to get AWD traction. The S6DM will be able to travel 60km on a single charge and with a mixture of a full gas tank and full battery the S6 should be good for around 500km.

Look out for the S6DM at the Detroit Auto Show, we recently caught up with at the Guangzhou Auto Show and believe it to be one of BYD’s next big hits, assuming the pricing is kept sweet enough to tempt people over to the BYD brand.

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  • Dmoore
    January 7, 2011

    This is a Toyota Harrier/Lexus RX copy. I want BYD to succeed, but with their own designs. I hope Toyota makes a lot of noie about this.

  • I __ H a t e __ C h i n a
    January 7, 2011

    Indeed, BYD will gain a publicity as a knock-off producer at NA Auto Show with S6, instead of being a EV and battery pioneer.

    Chinese do not understand how much damaging a ruined brand reputation is in the US.

  • January 11, 2011

    With Range Anxiety Pressures looming over full EVs’ Drivers’ mind/conciousness always, perhaps, all the EVs manufacturers should looking into developing and producing EVs as the Extended Range Plugin Hybrid EVs which could use a combination of known and proven technologies in which case that it should use a direct drive micro-turbine generator to recharge its batteries for the extended range instead of a normal ICE engine as the micro-turbine generator is 300% more efficient and as the micro-turbine generator is fuel flexible which could also use alternative hybrid fuel such HHO “on demand basis only” via electrolysis of water with the excess electrical energy when the turbine is generating electricity to recharge its batteries just like ordinary ICE Vehicles’ Alternators. Perhaps the said Synthetic Gasoline made from wastes and Methanol made from Coal conversion may be two of the several available options which is recyclable of its reducing the carbon footprints of the fossil fuels. They could use the most powerful Permanent Magnets’ Motors(made from rare earth metals) in their drive train to boost horsepower and torque with the same amount of Electrical Energy inputs, and they could also use regenerative brakes to re-charge their batteries as well. Scientific R&D for all vocations needed the best available ideas in the known technologies’ combinations to achieve the best results in reaching the most efficient goals of a Plugin Hybrid EVs Car such as the Chevy Volt, Proton Exora and in other Extended Range Hybrid EVs.

  • dragin
    January 12, 2011

    I followed, and liked what you propose, up until the “regenerative brakes” part. I had heard of regenerative braking but never of “regenerative brakes”. Could you elaborate?

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