JAC produces Rui Yue Electric car – sells 60 in first day

JAC electric tongyue 300x230 JAC produces Rui Yue Electric car   sells 60 in first dayWhen you think of Chinese electric cars, you think of BYD as leading the pack – in fact the figures show that Chang’an and JAC are leading the way in terms of full car sales.

JAC are now adding to their electric car range with the JAC Tong Yue pure electric sedan. The Tong Yue came down the production line earlier today and the first 60 units were sold to Anhui Electric Resource Development Company who will use the cars within the company and to further promote electric car development.

From what we have learned the Tong Yue weighs in at just 1200kg complete with batteries and has 15kWh of battery power that will power it for 130km before it needs recharging. It’s not entirely clear when this model will be available for regular citizens to purchase, but taxi ranks across China seem to be snapping at JAC’s heels to buy these compact sedans for taxi rank use.


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