BAIC’s C60 all electric Saab based sedan spotted out testing

Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC) are eager to get their electric sedan into the market, they have come late to the part with their self developed cars and their own home market has been put on lock down with only 20,000 new car sales happening each month. However, the Beijing municipal government are planning to turn Beijing into a paradise for electric vehicles which will include the option of foregoing the monthly lottery for a license plate, instead all EV buyers will be given a license plate instead of waiting for their turn at the license plate lottery, healthy subsidies are also being made available for EV buyers. BAIC seem well placed to take advantage of these policies, and it wouldn’t be a surprising if they lobbied for them in the first place.

The C60, along with the C30 hatchback, is likely to go into production in the next half of the year and we estimate that it could be available to civilians within the next 12 months.


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