Mitsubishi visits Zotye – possible JV in the air

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Zotye mitsi visit 300x200 Mitsubishi visits Zotye   possible JV in the airA delegation from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recently visited Zotye according to insider information from within Zotye. The two were apparently eager to talk business and jointly held a seminar. The two sides exchange information about the R&D and manufacturing technologies like conventional energy-efficient and new energy vehicles, motor, powertrain system, metal mold, and testing equipment, etc. It’s not clear what the two are aiming to achieve, but Chinese media reports are indicating that they could develop a partnership to develop electric car technology, Zotye has quickly and silently become one of the leading Chinese EV producers with it outstripping BYD’s pace to get an EV into the market. Zotye’s technology relies on battery swap technology and was the first Chinese company to develop its own systems, Mitsubishi are heavily invested in EV’s and plan to make EV’s a cornerstone of its future product line up.

About the author  ⁄ SusanZhao

Susan is an English major from Xi Dian University in Xi’an, she majored in Technical English and worked for the English based news company Sino Cast. She later made the move to Shanghai in 2008 and made a name for herself at a translator in the automotive industry.

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  • dragin
    July 13, 2011

    It appears that Mitsubishi recognizes Zotye as a mover and shaker from the start.
    As for Mitsubishi itself, could the domestic market have ever gotten off the ground without the help of its engines? They continue to drive a big part of China.

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