BYD E6B out in the open

BYD is about to start private sales of its flagship EV the BYD E6, previously the fully fledged electric vehicle was only available to company and government buyers but now the company is moving to sell the car to private buyers. The E6 will be known as the E6B for private owners and has undergone a string of changes since the first model. BYD have clearly been biding their time over the past few months heading off criticism that the car is vaporware or cannot live up to expectations, BYD did put a number of the cars into field testing to get real world opinion on the car that they have rolled into the latest model. The E6B has had some cosmetic work done to its grill, interior and rear end ahead of its expected October launch.

The interior looks to have received the most attention since the early cars, the earliest cars were rough and ready but over the past 12 months BYD has learned a great deal about quality and attention to detail – which of course is reflected across some of its latest products, the S6, G3, MPV and S6 SUV are all vastly improved vehicles over the original F3 that propelled BYD to fame. The side reflector strips indicate that the E6 is likely ready for an American market launch as American market cars generally have a side reflector either built into the headlights or on the cars front wing, in the E6′s case it carries both.

Chinese media are still reporting that the E6 will be able to go for 240-300km on a single charge thanks to BYD’s own self developed iron based batteries, top speed will be around 140kph and an 80% charge can be reached in 15 minutes.


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