Sichuan Yema goes clone crazy at the Chengdu Auto Show

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As the Chengdu Auto Show is Yema’s own backyard they weren’t going to let the opportunity pass them by, Yema rolled its big guns out for this years show and wowed the crowds with cars that they have possibly seen before just from different brands. The sad thing is that as Chinese car brands were moving away from cloning cars and keeping the books of Western design houses busy and their own internal design teams were also jammed up with work. For small companies, such as Yema, the best way forward is to clone, clone clone, at least until their sales take off and they begin to develop their own individual designs, that being said Yema are really taking the biscuit this year with VW Tiguan, Audi A4 and Infiniti EX designs:

The Tiguan has been disguised as the T-Series, which of course does not mean Tiguan series, looking to the rear of the T-Series you can see that the T-series has managed to receive VW Tourag rear lights. The E-Taxi is obviously a clone of the Audi Avant, although Chinese automotive media are eager to compare it to the Audi A3, stats on the E-Taxi are not yet forthcoming. As with the Tiguan the Infiniti EX clone seems to have just had its badge swapped over to a Yema badge prior to taking to the stage in Chengdu. The Chinese media have not been kind to Yema with their round of clones, it seems that nobody is impressed with what the company is doing so far. So what are these vehicles based on? As far as we know Sichuan Yema has multiple platforms these are of course the Austin Montego and the Austin Maestro (and van) platforms that they bought from FAW who they bought from Etsong who they bought from MG-Rover, so none of the above vehicles are likely to be based on anything remotely modern despite their borrowed modern designs.


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