Roewe 950 hits the market, priced competitively

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Roewe950 launch Roewe 950 hits the market, priced competitivelyThe Roewe 950 represents the closeness of GM and SAIC’s cooperation, the new 950 rides on top of GM’s Epsillon II platform and is one of the few occasions that a foreign company has handed over its more recent technologies to its Chinese partner, usually the last generation of product is handed over to the Chinese side. The Epsillon II is still a very valid platform and underpins a multitude of GM models, from the Buick Regal to the Cadillac XTS and the new Chevrolet Impala, and now of course the Roewe 950.

The Roewe 950 is essentially a restyled Buick Lacrosse from the exterior you can see that it shares the same slab styled lines as its Buick cousin and on the inside it looks like the two shared the same womb – as they did – the two interiors are essentially the same albeit with different badges. Under the hood its a similar story, SAIC has made full use of its partners 2.0L, 2.4L and 3.0L V6 engines, the 2.0L engine is not available in the Buick Lacrosse however and we question its ability to move the large 950 in an efficient timely manner.

Engine size aside, the 950 comes in at a very cheap 188,900RMB for the base 2.0L model which puts it above models such as the naturally aspirated Mazda6, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Camry, and Honda Accord  in terms of price but then you are getting a much bigger vehicle and for Chinese, bigger is better especially if you’re a civil servant that will get chauffeured everywhere. The 2.4L version is priced in at 240,000RMB and the top of the line 3.0L V6 comes in at 320,000RMB.

So how does the Buick Lacrosse fair in comparison? The base 2.4L starts at 226,000RMB and rises to 275,000RMB with Buick offering four different combinations and then two hybrid models on top which are priced at 265,000RMB and 275,000RMB respectively. A 2.0T is offered which comes in at 250,000RMB and rises to 312,000rmb for the top of the range model with three versions available, and the range topping 3.0L V6 is 320,000RMB.

So what would rather own? Its a close call. The luxury 950 2.4L 950 comes in at just under 240,000RMB, where as the luxury 2.4L Lacrosse is 275,000RMB. So you can either pay for the brand and get the Lacrosse, or you can save money and go for the 950. Government departments will likely plump for the basic 950, especially if Roewe make a government fleet edition that comes in at a special price.

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  • Al
    April 13, 2012

    The product positioning of these 2 cars (and makes) reflect into different pricing even they are essentially the same cars. Some may prefer a ‘Good’ Chinese brand and pay lower $$ for the 950 whereas others differ (face issue).

    This is exactly GM’s direction.

    As much as ‘close cooperation’ on the façade; this partnership is important to GM as leverage to the Government’s long term plan to ‘streamline’ its car industry.

  • Michael
    May 19, 2012

    Why not launch the Roewe cars in the UK and Europe as Austin. Also to be built in Longbridge.

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