BAK Battery and Brilliance Team Up for EV Future

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Brilliance, like other auto companies, are getting excited about a green future where EV’s will rule the roads. Their current range of cars maybe gasoline based, but with BAK’s help this could change.

BAK and Brilliance recently signed a deal to supply Brilliance with 5 batteries as a sample order to test the company’s ability in the lithium-ion battery field. The CEO of China BAK, Xiangqian Li stated that China BAK is excited to deliver its sample of five lithium-ion high-power battery units to Brilliance Auto Group, one of China’s eminent automobile manufacturers. The collaboration of China BAK with Brilliance Auto Group highlights the market recognition gained by China BAK along with its determination to increase its customer base. Based on this recognition and commitment, China BAK according to Li hopes to get an increasing number of orders for its lithium-ion high-power battery units.

Brilliance has committed itself to developing plugin hybrids, and pure EV’s for its Brilliance and Jinbei MPV range.

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Frank entered the automotive industry via his father's instructions. He grew up with cars around him, especially as his father was a major auto restorer, Frank's childhood was spent passing beers, tools and coffee to his father whilst he explained the ins and outs of engines. Frank now works in the Chinese car industry at a specific manufacturer.


  • joninchina
    June 17, 2012

    I wonder what Brilliance is waiting for (besides you know……….having a good supplier for BATTERIES :D)? Seriously, I remember the Brilliance EV 1-2 years ago – a GREAT concept car, cool ideas, and not that far removed from being production ready. It would put the E6 to shame when it comes to styling, and it would cost a little less as well (since it’s not as big as the E6). Bring back the EV, Brilliance – it’s ‘brilliant’ (no pun intended)!! :)

    Speaking of the E6, a bit of a update regarding the fatal crash from several weeks ago…….first, it’s still under investigation, nothing new there. HOWEVER, I did observe something interesting – immediately following the crash, I couldn’t find ANY E6 taxis on the roads in Shenzhen (I was in Shenzhen 3 times in the last 4 weeks) – and I looked HARD. I asked about it with some friends there, but no one seemed to know if is was a government thing or BYD doing it on their own – or just coincidence. Now, on my most recent trip (earlier in the week for 4 days) I started seeing them again – was this just coincidence, or were they pulled off the roads as a precaution and then just recently allowed back on the roads? Ash, any possible additional info regarding this?

  • Ash
    June 18, 2012

    I haven’t been following the BYD crash, although BYD sent me a nice new pen again. BYD’s pens rock.

    Anyway, the Brilliance problem. Brilliance’ biggest issue is that they are a small company swimming in a sea of sharks, you have FAW snapping at their heels, BAIC too, they have the much prized BMW JV and not a lot of domestic sales for the Brilliance brand (Jinbei is another story). It is hard for them to continue justifying sinking money into developing the Brilliance brand without seeing vastly improved sales. I actually think Brilliance is one of the stronger Chinese companies along with Greatwall, they have solid line up, good business acumen but poor marketing and positioning – hopefully their new SUV and also new compact sedan range can help to turn previous losses into profit.

  • dragin
    June 18, 2012

    Remember how Brilliance was birthed by Shenyang Jinbei, which in turn was controlled by FAW, until Yang Rong came along to create Brilliance Zhonghua, incorporating it in Bermuda and then listing it on the New York stock exchange? And remember how three years ago FAW and Brilliance were in merger talks once again? What happened there?
    Can Brilliance, the shaky SOE, with its varied foreign investors, like JP Morgan Chase, really continue to stand on its own?

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