Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: “This car is not bad. It’s hysterically terrible”

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As mentioned on the hallowed pages of China Car Times last week, one Mr. Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame, got himself behind the wheel of the all new MG6 Dieselstrong> for a Sunday Telegraph review. Did he praise the strong handling and chassis that Auto Car and other UK magazines raved about? Of course not, he went straight for the jugular and denounced the MG6 as being “Hysterically terrible“.

Jeremy maybe over exaggerating, clearly there are some parts of the MG6′s interior that could have been improved somewhat with better levels of plastics but overall it is acceptable – not aspirational but acceptable. Clarkson maybe considered by many as somewhat of an airhead, but he is influential in the British automotive industry and such a review is likely to give the fledgling MG UK another punch in the face as they try to revive the brand with new products and a new direction.

Read the full scathing review below, but remember that Jeremy fails to mention anything useful about the car (MPG, trunk space etc etc).
J Clarkson MG6 review 735x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review1 660x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review2 664x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review3 653x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review4 664x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review5 664x1024 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

J Clarkson MG6 review6 Jeremy Clarkson on the MG6 Diesel: This car is not bad. Its hysterically terrible

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  • Gerald
    May 29, 2013

    LOL “ruin your gentleman sausage if you have a crash”

    An entertaining review even if it’s low on facts.

  • Jos
    May 30, 2013

    It does not say anything about the car but only about Mr Clarckson. Its not a german car so its not worth to say anything good about it.

  • May 31, 2013

    Damning indeed. Having not driven the diesel I can’t really comment on that model. But certainly the 1.8T Roewe 550 and 1.8 DVVT MG6 aren’t that bad. In some ways they are quite good.

  • Colin
    June 2, 2013

    It is the sort of drivel I would expect from Clarkson, and is a true slap in the face to all the engineers at Birmingham, who have produced a car for more worthy than it has been given credit. I have actually driven an MG 6 Diesel and found it to be excellent, both in terms of the willing and refined engine, and the agile chassis that makes the car a good overall package.
    The fact that Clarkson decided to trash it in no way surprises me, as alluded to by other commentators,if it’s not German, he’s not interested. I wont get into knocking German cars, they are generally well built and reliable, however, what I find more sickening is the mentality of a British so called journalist, who is little more than a 5th column subversive, funded principally by the tax paying public in his role at the BBC. The term Quisling resonates with me when I think of this despicable bloke.No the MG 6 was not built in Germany, nor was the Spitfire, the Lancaster or a host of other wartime materiel that allowed this country with the aid of our allies to turn the tide against probably one of the most despicable regimes of the 20th century. The engineers at Birmingham, together with the Guys at Land Rover-Jaguar are likely to be related in one way or another to the people who toiled night and day to produce arms and aircraft for the British, the Commonwealth and other allies. Lest we forget? I am sorry, we have all but forgotten. I wonder how free the press would have been under the occupation of the nation Mr Clarkson so admires. I suspect somehow he might have been admiring their hospitality in a concentration camp in Eastern Europe. Now that is one positive thought to end on.

  • Dogtucker
    June 3, 2013

    Well blokes, I think that the obnoxious Son of Clark is 100% right this time! The MG6 is as bad as he reports, the Roewe and other Brit covers are pretty damn close as well. I have driven all for weeks at a time and they just get worse with use! Compare with other (non Chinese) makes at the same level/price and then form a balanced opinion!
    As for Colin and his brain locked history lesson?? Times and expectations have moved on and the average buyer expects quality not crap for his hard earned dosh! Colin go back to your Austin Allegro or Reliant Robin-or buy and MG 6 and be # 14 in the UK!

  • Mick
    August 18, 2013

    Clarkson stalls a car so it must be garbage. I have an MG6 just as good as the Honda Civic Type S it replaces in my life. Its not lightning quick but its not slow, it doesnt handle like a sports car but its fun to throw about and i stay on the road. I am 6’2″ and I have plenty of headroom – come on Jeremy you’re not that tall.

    Ive done 7k in it and have had two problems – a nail in the tyre that I was warned about straight away on the dashboard and the fact that my IPod Classic wont work in the USB slot – only the auxiliary.
    Now I wont say I didnt want a Jag XF, I did, but I managed to get a top of the range 1.8 GT TSE for 17k. I’d rather pay that for a car designed in Britain, fabricated in China (Who love all things British) and assembled in Brum, than a car designed and built in Germany that every taxi driver in Europe drives for half the price we do thanks to Clarksons and others infatuation with German Engineering. All I can say is its a shame they dressed you as well Jeremy.

    December 25, 2013


  • Warren
    June 5, 2014

    Drove a 6 (1.8T), loved it, bought one (brand new). Far better than the bashers (Clarkson included) would have you believe, and thoroughly pleasant to live with.

  • August 18, 2014

    Che succede intero qui ogni persona precisamente condivisione di tali conoscenze, quindi fastidioso a leggere questa pagina, ed io ambientarsi a lavoro a discernere rete sito intero il tempo .

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