Qoros Fails Environmental Government Test

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Qoros has failed an environmental test according to Chinese automotive media reports from this morning. Qoros has already aired its future product range at the Geneva and Shanghai Auto Show this year and were aiming to have their first product on the market in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a new model following every six months.

The joint venture between Chery and Israeli Corp gave birth to the Qoros brand with the company setting up its production center in Changshu, around 100km from Shanghai with production reaching 150,000 units in the first phase and increasing to 350,000 units in the second phase. Although small scale production has been underway for some time whilst Qoros evaluates quality levels but Changshu’s Environmental Bureau has effectively pulled the plug on mass production pending further inquiries into the environmental effects of the factory on the local environment.

According to anonymous sources quoted by auto.163.com, the factory has not been approved by the environmental bureau and can only carry out limited production until the company reaches or surpasses certain criteria.

Qoros were aiming to have 115 dealerships in the Chinese market by the years end with already 80 dealers signed up so far with dealers expecting to receive vehicles in the October-November onwards. Chinese media have yet to receive any official quotes from Changshu environmental bureau so it is currently unknown if Changshu’s eventual product launch date will be delayed at all.

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Ash came to China at 18 and never looked back, a decade later he is still here. After a 4 year stint in a Chinese University where he gained a double BA in Chinese and International Trade he worked for a myriad of different companies in the Chinese Auto industry before heading back to school to get an MBA with a focus in marketing.


  • caleb
    August 20, 2013

    I were required to refresh your page times to view this page for reasons uknown, however, the data here has been worth the delay.?

  • August 21, 2013

    Qoros completely deny this story. I was at their office in Shanghai earlier today.

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