800,000 Charging Stations To Be Added In China To Aid The Skyrocketing NEV Market

In support of the growing new energy vehicles, Chine has decided to set up a total of 800,000 new charging ports this year. Out of the 800,000 charging ports, a 100,000 of them will be public charges and the rest non-public chargers. A majority of the non-public chargers will be used as company charging ports, and charging stations for buses, taxes and commercial transportation vehicles. Currently, there is a total of 150,000 charging stations with two-thirds of them—100,000 having been added last year.

The new charging stations will be mainly set up on highways and cities. The National Energy Administration of China has stated that within the cities of Shanghai and Beijing, there is a charging station within a 5-km radius at all times and that there are fast-charging stations within the 14,000km of highway. The construction period is estimated to continue on until 2020 at the least which is when China predicts to have adequate charging stations to keep up with a fleet of electric vehicles totaling five million.

The new line of new energy automobiles includes plug-in hybrids(PHEV) and electric vehicles(EV). In 2016, a total of 507,000 NEVs were sold in China alone and the country aims to sell 800,000 units of the same. This year’s number of sales include 350,000 passenger vehicles, and the rest is a cumulation of a variety of commercial vehicles and buses. The NEV commercial vehicles have largely grown unnoticed, however, its growth is projected to exceed the number of NEV passenger vehicles.

Huge cities like Shanghai and Beijing are continuously incorporating plug-in hybrid and electric buses at a high rate to their fleet. Additionally, a large number of city-based transportation businesses are adopting electric vehicles employing a wide range of vehicles from mid-sized trucks, minivans to tricycles.


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