Ford F-150 Raptor With China Specs Ready To Be Sold In Shanghai

At last, Ford is officially selling the F-150 Raptor in China. According to plans, the sales begin next month. Early this month, the first batch of Raptor was shipped from the United States and the first car has landed at the Ford dealer in Shanghai. That’s the first place the vehicles go immediately they arrive. I checked with a Beijing dealer, though the Raptor hadn’t reached yet; but when they do, I will have a look at it.

  1. The remarkable distinctions between the Chinese and the U.S version include:
  2. With the US version, the divider in the bed is flexible and can be moved, unlike the Chinese one.
  3. The small lights mounted on top of the grille have been covered up with an opaque plastic.
  4. The small lights below the major back-light system have also been obscured with an opaque plastic.
  5. Instead of the car LED headlamps, they have been exchanged with the halogen lamps.
  6. Around the truck’s bed is a 3M reflective vehicle tape; is a requirement in China, that all pickup trucks regardless of their use should have the tape.
  7. It has a DRL (daytime running lamp) at the top; a pair of red ones at the back and a pair of white ones in front.

They have the height of the bed and the maximum permissible weight (that of the vehicle plus the load) printed on the passenger door, which is also a regulation. There isn’t much of a difference inside the car, and on the dashboard, however, I anticipate that the speedometer will read km/h and that the information & entertainment broadcast material will instruct in Chinese.

The 3.5l EcoBoost-equipped engine is also unaltered, with and output of 421 horsepower and torque of 678nm, which when compared to the US version is a bit lower, but again, it’s a controlled-technicality thing.

It will retail at $72,700 or 500,000 Yuan. Raptor goes for around $50,000 in the US. The price difference is as a result of consumption taxes, high import taxes, and corporate greed. However, that still costs lower when compared to its 700,000 Yuan value in the gray market. The good thing is the cars that are legally imported have full support and warranty from the factory.


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