Honda UR-V Ready To Be Launched In The Chinese Market

The latest Honda UR-V is set to be launched in the Chinese auto market this March. Like a BMW X6, this new Honda is essentially a similar car to the Avancier, with the only differentiating factors being the bonnet, the bumpers, the back lights and the headlights. One is most likely to ponder at why Honda is selling two almost similar vehicles. The reason is, the company has a double car-making alliance, and both always desire and get a similar vehicle as one another, rivaling against themselves on the field, while misusing resources like time and money. That’s how it goes down in China, with Volkswagen and Toyota also having the two joint venture issue.

The Guangzhou joint venture manufactured the Avancier-Honda, while the Dongfeng joint venture did the UR-V-Honda. On the same note, Honda also designs two compact SUVs; the DF XR-V and GZ Vezel. Guangzhou takes the classy names; Dongfeng, takes the horrible combinations.

Comparing the Avancier head to head with the UR-V, the UR-V has a better appearance, doesn’t have the ugly fake vents below the A-pillar and has little mess up front. The Avancier premiered on the China market last October.

However, both their engines are alike with a 2.0L engine having 370nm and 272hp, coupled to a ZF 9-velocity auto box, directing mounts to the four wheels. Similarly, the engine code is alike too; K20C3. Additionally, there will be a 1.5L turbo engine having 249nm and 140hp serving in the Avancier. The UR-V-Honda shown in the picture has a 240nm emblem on the rear, and it feels safe to presume it’s a 1.5L turbo as the 370nm badge goes to the 2.0 turbo.

They are similar in the interior too, with a panel made from wood ahead of the passenger seat. Both are exclusively 5-seaters with no room for an additional row and with hidden DVD players.


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