The Brand New China Haval H6 SUV Release

The smoke is finally settling down in regards to Haval’s ten trillion brand new vehicles. Previously known as the Haval F6, they have now resurfaced as the New H6, selling up to 70.000 units in a month. The sale of the new H6 and the existing one will go hand in hand with the existing one getting even a further boost of a 1.3-turbocharged engine. Obviously, the new H6 will have the upper hand in the market than the current one.

Above is the current H6 that took the China market by storm for several years with the price ranging from 88.800 yuan to 140.800 yuan. The engine capacity is 150 horsepower with 1.5 turbo. The 1.3-turbocharged engine will have 138 horsepower. The All New H6 will have a paint job of Blue Label and Red Label. A white version of the Red Label was the only one seen on stage with the Blue Label expected to make an appearance at a much later date. The Red Label will have 197 horsepower, and a 2.0 turbocharge paired with a 7-speed DCT.

The New Haval H6 seems to resemble the WEY 01 as they almost share the same size and the appearance is almost the same. The WEY 01 features 230 horsepower with a 2.0 turbo and is more of a luxurious model compared to the new H6. Haval dealers are already overwhelmed with the demands for the existing Haval H6, and with the All New H6 coming out, things will get even more hectic. However, the New H6 is not likely to entirely replace the current one as it’s expected that it will soon get the Red Label treatment.

For the interior specs, the new H6 doesn’t really meet our expectations as the touch screen size doesn’t do justice to the 2017 Chinese SUV model, and the functions are more analogous when it comes to the instrument binnacle. Compared to other automakers such as Zotye and BYD, Haval is behind in various aspects.


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