Jeep Releases Two Teasers For A Concept Car That Will Be Revealed On The Shanghai Auto Show

Two teasers for a new model have just been revealed by Jeep which is expected to launch in the China Shanghai Auto Show. Jeep reiterates that it’s a new energy vehicle in the Chinese category which comprises of PHEVs and EVs. The Grand Cherokee size resembles the new concept with ultra-wide wheel arches, steep-angled windscreen, and an advanced D-pillar design.

The Jeep grille gets retained in the concept.

Jeep has in the past announced that they’re planning to launch hybrid versions of the next-gen Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. If it’s not the Wrangler that the teasers have featured, then this would obviously mean that it’s a new Grand Cherokee design-preview. In the works, might also be a dedicated NEV platform that Jeep’s working on which would give a good explanation to Jeep’s NEV Chinese market entrance.


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