Koenigsegg And Qoros Will Reveal An Electric Supercar On Shanghai Auto Show

Qoros (Chinese-Israeli vehicle maker) and the Swedish automaker -Koenigsegg are butting heads together to come up with a high-performance electric concept car that will make an appearance in the China’s Shanghai Auto Show set to happen later this month. The car is on an imaginary front referred to as the Super EV and will have the Qoros brand all over it. The Super EV will feature four doors, four seats, and a fastback hood.

The monocoque (carbon fiber)

The supercar will be able to achieve a 3-second time record of a 0 to 100 sprint with a 500-kilometer range. The details on battery or power have not yet been revealed.

Qoros and Koenigsegg have had a working relationship for quite some time. They previewed last year a camless engine Koenigsegg prototype creation. The developer of Super EV’s drivetrain is unknown. Qoros aren’t in the EV business; however, they did a 3 Q LECTRIC concept design last year.

It features a racy front with a sharp-angled windscreen and short overhang.


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