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Ralf is a Management Consultant at Staufen AG. Prior to that he has been a researcher at RWTH Aachen University. Ralf's professional background lies in the automobile and automobile supplier industry, working as a project manager and management consultant in several countries.

With meaty statements the Chinese government in 2010 aimed for the leading position in electric mobility. Today one might ask oneself what happened to the grandiose plans of leap-frogging the worlds carmakers and having over half a million battery electric cars on China’s streets by 2012.

China’s streets today, just as all around the…

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Considerable attention has been paid to the Chinese automotive world, as the worlds biggest and at the same time fastest growing market, being a topic in newspapers all around the world. However, recent export attempts to Western countries as well as high-profile international acquisitions and take-over attempts by Chinese automobile players have shifted…

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