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Beijing Auto’s G-Wagon Inspired V-Wagon Looks The Business

Before we get into details, it seems that commentators on Chinese auto sites where these pictures first appeared have been overly critical of Beijing Auto for a lack of self development in the creative process that lead to the aforementioned B80V, if consumers don’t want a cloned car why are manufacturers so hell bent on making one? Who knows.

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Saab based C70G interior spied ahead of Beijing Auto Show

BAIC are gearing up their C70G, aka the old Saab 95, its official airing at the Beijing Auto Show. Whilst previous spy pictures indicated that BAIC were not doing too much to overhaul the 95 it seems that they have in fact given it a unique identity for 2012 and beyond. The interior shown here for the first time, seems to be much improved over the original…

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BAIC’s C70G ready to roll, details inside.

BAIC’s first car, the E-Series hatchback which overly looks like a Mercedes B-Class will hit the market in March according to media reports. Media testing is already underway in Hainan with media being able to test drive the car around the island, initial reports seem to be overly in favor of the car. The second car from Beijing Auto will be…

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BAIC C70G showing promise with Saab platform

So you want a Saab? Tough luck, unless of course you can find a dealership that still has 9-3 and 9-5′s for sale, but then perhaps you can forget the warranty, the good news is that you will be able to pick up a Saab 9-5 based car from Beijing Auto Works in the next 12 months. The C70G has been sighted doing the rounds in China…

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Beijing Auto’s All Electric Saab based car shown naked

What is a Saab by another name? It’s a BAIC, and what we have here is a BAIC 9-3, although it won’t be called the 9-3 come launch time. Saab sold the last generation 9-3 and 9-5 platform to Beijing Auto Industry Corporation in late 2010 for 195 million USD, along with several different engines and gearboxes. BAIC have started building electric cars…

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BAIC 301 official pictures released ahead of launch

Imagine you have a business partner, you make cars together, you own the IPR to the design but your partner produces them. Imagine if one day your business partner started making cars that looked exactly like yours, but retailed for two thirds less. Welcome to the Beijing Auto – Daimler relationship. The most dysfunctional automotive relationship in…

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BAIC’s Electric MPV Sighted Ahead of Production

Beijing Auto Industry Works (BAIC) has an uphill battle on its hands, the state owned car company is relatively late in getting its own brand of vehicles to the market when compared to its rivals at FAW and SAIC, both of whom have been running their own brands for a number of years. BAIC was originally more than happy to produce its own SUV’s and trucks…

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Saab lives on as the BAIC C70

BAIC are going to upset their regional rivals next week by launching the C70 sedan, the Guangzhou Auto Show is in the backyard of the relatively new Guangzhou Auto Company and will be the center piece for their new product launches, Beijing being Beijing will want the world’s eyes on the C70 sedan ahead of a mega launch of other Saab based vehicles…

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Beijing Auto’s C71 concept comes alive as the C70G

Beijing Auto aired the C71 concept at the Beijing Auto Show over a year ago, but they do not seem any closer to putting the car into production, until now of course. The C71 was put on show to highlight what Beijing Auto could potentially do to the Saab 95 platform that they bought from Saab when they were having their last bankruptcy fire sale, the…

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BAIC Group plans spin-off listing in 2012

Guo Xinmin, a board director of BAIC Group, revealed the group’s separate listing plan to Chinese media yesterday. The group has four joint-stock companies, Beiqi Foton Motor, BAIC Motor, Beijing Hainachuan Automotive Parts, and Beijing Penglong Auto Trade Service.

So far only Beiqi Foton has been listed, and the other three companies will…

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BAIC’s Saab 9-5 based cars to see production at years end

Beijing Auto Industry Corp (BAIC) bought the rights to the last generation Saab 9-3 and Saab 9-5 in late 2009 in a deal that was worth some 193 million USD, however this amount of money was clearly not enough to assist Saab in its hour of need. Although Saab is currently circling the plug hole Saab’s may live on in China under the management of BAIC,…

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BAIC’s C60 all electric Saab based sedan spotted out testing

Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC) are eager to get their electric sedan into the market, they have come late to the part with their self developed cars and their own home market has been put on lock down with only 20,000 new car sales happening each month. However, the Beijing municipal government are planning to turn Beijing into a paradise…

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Beijing Auto’s T60 sedan – its a Saab 93

What happens when you buy a rapidly aging sedan platform from a Swedish company owned by Americans? Of course you get laughed out of town, especially as everyone told you to hang in there until you get something of Saab that was created in the last decade. Enter the T60:

The T60′s sole goal in life is to show…

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BAIC eats Baolong

From People’s Daily:

BAIC Group, the partner of Daimler AG and Hyundai Motor Co, recently bought a private automaker in Guangdong province to gain a foothold in the southern market and boost its own brand cars.

The Beijing-based company closed the deal early this month with Guangzhou Baolong Light Vehicle Manufacturing…

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BAIC’s Electric C60 – thats a Saab 9-3 to you

The most convincing electric car to date is out testing in Beijing, and its expected to be on sale towards the end of 2011, and of course that car is Saab 9-3 based.

The Saab 9-3 is still a handsome car, even after all these years, BAIC are planning to improve on its looks and also give it a pure electric drive…

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BAW’s MPV’s spotted out testing

Beijing Auto Work’s own MPV model is certainly gathering speed by the looks of these pictures that clearly show the MPV undergoing group testing on what looks like an athletic track, it is more than likely that the model is getting shown off to higher ups or potential dealers.

The above C30 MPV is certainly looking…

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Automatic varient of Beijing Autos C30 MPV spotted out

The forthcoming Beijing C30 MPV has certainly become a media darling over the past few months with it appearing in Chinese automotive media at least once a week, this time we can see the automatic version:

By launching an automatic alongside a manual, it shows that BAIC have some understanding of the car market….

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BAW’s C30 hatch unmasked – it’s not a B-Class Merc in drag.

BAW’s C30 MPV has been caught out unmasked for the first time and follows on from a series of pictures that showed it highly camoflauged. BAW have possibly reached out to JV partner Mercedes to help them design the C30, or perhaps they have just been inspired by the B-Class and thought to make their own version.


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Beijing Auto’s big designs on old platforms

Beijing Auto has big desires for its soon to relaunch Beijing branded automobiles, they’ve got a bevvy of world class platforms from the likes of Saab and Chrysler on which they are planning to build a brand that will be ready to take on the world. You may remember 2008′s impressive Beijing Auto Show concepts cars from Beijing Auto’s own and CH-Auto’s…

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BAIC aiming to buy Zotye

Whilst Guangzhou Auto is slowly swallowing up its neighbours in Changfeng and GoNow, it seems that Beijing Auto Industry Corp (BAIC) is aiming to take over some of the smaller players in the Chinese market and complete the governments aims to consolidate the Chinese car industry.

BAIC purchased Bao Long Auto last week, and an executive with BAIC…

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BAIC working on their own B-Class, or is the B-Class going into production in China

As many Chinese car pundits already know, Beijing Auto Industry Corp (BAIC) has big production plans for their own range of cars which are so far SUV and sedan models, however it appears that BAIC could be working on its own MPV based heavily on the Mercedes B-Class range of small people carriers, or Mercedes and BAIC are planning to put the B-Class…

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BAIC planning to buy Fujian Daimler-Chrysler

Beijing Auto Industry Corporation (BAIC) is planning to take over Fujian Daimler-Chrysler, which is a joint venture partner of SouEast Auto. BAIC already have a joint venture with Mercedes Benz to produce the Mercedes range of sedans in China, however by taking over the Fujian joint venture they will get access to the lucrative MPV market, which Mercedes…

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BAW’s new Beijing Jeep line up, and forth coming Saab based model

Beijing Auto Works (BAW) are probably keen to show off their new cars in their own backyard, if everyone was coming to your house for a party and you had nothing to offer you would feel a little embarrased, but Beijing Auto are aiming to be the life of the Auto Show party with their line up of cars that ranges from bad ass looking SUV’s to a new Saab…

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BAW B40 to launch at the Beijing Auto Show

The BAW B40, one of Beijing Auto’s first self developed models under its realigned Beijing brand is set to launch at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year. The B40 is one of the first models developed from the range of concept vehicles that Beijing released at the Shanghai Auto Show several years ago, we will get our first glimpse of the beast at…

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BAW to launch Saab models next year

Late last year it was announced that Beijing Automotive Works (BAW) had purchased several models from Saab’s owners, GM, the IPR fire sale included three platforms and two turbo assisted engines from Saab, in 2011 BAW is planning to get its own ‘Baw-aab‘ out into dealerships across China.

BAW reportedly signed up a team of Saab engineers…

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BAW’s B40 three door Jeep spotted out testing

When BAW first unveiled their very own Jeep style jeep concept car a few years ago, crowds were amazed and there was some serious hope that BAW would produce it, and it seems that the collective hopes of an entire country are coming to fruitation, thus CCT shows you the BAW B40 out testing:

Before any rabid Jeep…

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BAIC to go solo for Saab?

Are BAIC planning to go solo to take over Saab since the deal between Koenigsegg-BAIC and GM fell through? Although BAIC is flush with cash from their Mercedes and Hyundai JV’s, we doubt they have the ability to take over Saab. Reuters seems to have a similar idea:



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BAW building mini car base in China

BAW are currently awaking from a deep sleep that will force them into becoming a world player instead of a sleepy backwater SUV and truck maker for the military.

BAW is situated close to Beijing and has the National Governments ear when it comes to policy making, and also the first decision on acquisitions. BAW was unsuccesful in its bid for Opel,…

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BAW sticks out 924 million USD for Opel

From the WSJ:

MUNICH — China’s Beijing Automotive Industry Holding, or BAIC, made a concrete offer for General Motors Corp.’s Adam Opel GmbH unit, a GM spokeswoman said.

A person familiar with the situation said Friday that BAIC handed in a nonbinding offer valued at €660 million ($924 million) for an equity stake in GM’s…

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Beijing Auto Plotting to Buy Volvo

Beijing Auto are determined to get hold of foreign automakers one way or another via a buyout of foreign owned automakers.

In late May their chance to buy Opel, GM’s European subsidery, failed at the last minute. Beijing Auto Works (BAW) are expected to send executives to tour the Ford owned Sweedish automaker and review their accounts prior to…

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BAW shopping for Fujian Auto

BAW were unsuccessful in their late bid for Opel, and it seems they are now keen to shop for automotive wares closer to home.

Fujian Auto is made up the popular SouEast brand which produces its own self developed cars, as well as having a joint venture with Mitsubishi. Fujian Auto also has a joint venture with Dodge, but is currently only producing…

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Beijing Auto shopping for Opel

Beijing Automotive Industry Corp (BAIC) are swelling at the seams with cash after succesful joint ventures programes with Hyundai, Mercedes, and previously Chrysler, and it seems that BAIC are ready to start splashing that cash around.

SAIC and Nanjing Auto have already been out with their chequebook to buy up bankrupt companies technology and branding,…

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BAW First Developed Car Looks Like a …. Sonata?

A first glimpse of a supposedly self developed BAW car has left us rather dissapointed, as its essentially an old Hyundai Sonata:

It could be that the above car is a test mule for handling, BAW did suprise us with these beauties at last years auto show in Beijing:

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BAW to buy Delphi assets

The Chinese automotive media is reporting heavily on this particular piece of news:

SHANGHAI, March 18 (Reuters) – Chinese automaker Beijing Automotive Industry Co is seeking to buy U.S. auto parts maker Delphi Corp’s (DPHIQ.PK) non-core assets, the 21th Century Business Herald said on Wednesday.

A government-backed consortium whose…

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Dodge JCUV – Spotted in China – Launch date not far?

Troubled automotive giant, Chrysler, maybe relying on China sales to make up for any losses incurred in other markets. Dodge recently set up shop with SouEast to produce the Dodge Caravan and Chrylser Voyager MPV’s in China, although at the moment its probably not the best time to produce an MPV. Dodge also sells some models, such as the Dodge Avenger,…

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BAW set to invest billions in ’09

BAW maybe more famous for its military jeeps than any other car its ever made, it seems that there is a soft spot for the terribly bad BJ2020 Jeep in every ex-pats heart, including CCT’s. It steers like an iron bathtub on 17inch tyres, high speed cornering is life threatening, that is of course if you do manage to get the BJ2020 upto speed to start…

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Chrysler 300C – 150,000rmb cheaper?!

As the tax hike on luxury and large displacement came into effect earlier this year, large car makers have been struggling to move their big motors off their sales lots. One way to move big motors off parking lots is to announce massive price cuts, the Chrysler 300c is just one car that will see price cuts this week, the biggest price cut being an impressive…

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Beijing Auto Works: Working on making Chinese muscle cars?

Wikipedia defines a ‘muscle car’ as such:

Muscle car is a term used to refer to a variety of high performance automobiles. The term principally refers to American, Australian and to a lesser extent South African models from the late 1960s and early 1970s and generally describes a 2-door rear wheel drive mid-size car with a large, powerful…

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