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Stretched E-Class Road Testing in China

The latest W213 was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year and now it is road testing ahead of a launch later this year, likely via the Guangzhou Auto Show. When compared to the all conquering Audi A6L and the ever improving BMW 5-Series the E-Class is playing catch up, however this latest model which drops the ‘dual headlights’ look is…

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Mercedes to Import CLA and then Localize CLA

Mercedes is having a grim time in the Chinese market, repeated promises to catch up with their German cousins at BMW and Audi have been issued and failed to materialize time and time again, the joint venture between Beijing Auto and Daimler seems to produce a seldom few vehicles in China each month. In January 2013 Benz saw sales of 4,505 domestically…

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2013 Facelift Mercedes E-Class Road Testing in China

China is the target of all luxury car makers, each and everyone of them are trying to figure out the Chinese consumers psyche in developing its new range of products. Should we make it bigger, should we make it longer? Should we keep a Baiju cabinet in the back? Should we make the leather gray/cream/white or black? The questions seem almost…

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Benz GLK to hit showroom floors in April

Mercedes-Benz currently produce just two cars in the Chinese market, the compact C and the stretched E-Class, however the GLK will soon be joining them. Although premium brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been eager to reap more sales from the Chinese market they have been relatively slow at producing their cars locally, which would lower their…

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Mercedes E-Class Wagon for China

If you haven’t already noticed, 2012 is going to be the year of the Wagon in China. Mercedes brought the compact C-Class wagon to China in early 2011, BMW showed off their 5-series wagon at the Guangzhou Auto Show with the beasts pricing was announced at 666,666rmb, Hyundai had a wagon too – the i40, as did Volvo – the V50. The car market is slowing…

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Beijing built Mercedes GLK pops out for pictures with minor facelift and 2.0T

Beijing-Benz, the joint venture between Beijing Auto Industry Corp (BAIC) and Mercedes Benz have finally unveiled their locally built GLK for the Chinese market. The premium crossover market has certainly heated up in the past few months since the market leaders, Audi, introduced the Q5 meaning that Audi’s Germanic rivals have had to rush their own…

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Beijing manufactured GLK sighted out testing packing 1.8T

Mercedes are the big loser of the German three in China, Audi are traditionally the weakest brand but their early arrival in China secured them the biggest slice of the pie. Mercedes sold 147,670 cars in China 2010, whilst BMW sold 158,489, Audi out trumped them with sales of 220,000 vehicles. Mercedes realizes that China is a major market and plans…

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Daimler sees China as biggest market

From The China Daily:

China is expected to be Daimler AG’s biggest market by 2015, and the German automaker promised to increase investment in the country by 3 billion euros ($4.2 billion), said the company head.

“We expect China to be our biggest market by around 2015. And it could be earlier if the market demand continues its …

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Besturn B90 Sedan spotted out testing

It’s not entirely clear if FAW are planning to continue with the Besturn brand or not, but it seems that they are now planning to continue with the brand expansion and worry about branding later. Initially the Ben Tung brand was known as Besturn in English, but it later fell under the Hong Qi (Red Flag) naming series at this years Beijing Auto Show.


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Beijing-Benz to launch Chinese built E300L, L is for lengthened.

The partnership between Mercedes and Beijing Auto has proven to be a succesful venture so far, however Mercedes are planning to give the E-Class some Chinese characteristics in a bid to boost sales in a market where it is lagging behind its traditionally weaker competitor, Audi. Beijing-Benz will soon launch the made in China E300L, with L being of…

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Beijing Auto going for sales of 1.5 million in 2010

Beijing Auto sold just over 121,000 vehicles in September this year, and an impressive 913,878 vehicles from January to September this year, however this is not good enough for the state owned company which was recently denied entry into Europe via an Opel buyout.

Beijing Auto’s September sales surged 108 percent from the same month last year to121,340…

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Chrysler game over in China?

Chrysler will not be making anymore 300C sedans, or Sebrings in China from 2009 onwards, since Chrysler self ejected from its joint venture with Daimler in Beijing early last year and talks with Chery seem to have halted, Chrysler has found itself without a factory. Once current inventories in warehouses have sold out, Chrysler will not produce anymore…

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Dodge Avenger for China

dodgeavenger340 Dodge Avenger for China

Although China Car Times is clearly for Chinese cars (and the industry) we do have a soft spot for modern American cars. The latest offerings from Dodge look quiet tasty (and are cheap!) The Avenger for example looks…

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Bronco based Beijing Jeep!

The name ‘Jim Corty’ must be the stuff of legends in the Beijing Jeep factory, for he is the man who managed to keep a Beijing 2020 Jeep on the road, and in reasonably good condition for more than 24 hours at a time, although he only managed it with a little help from a willing Ford Bronco.

Mr. Corty bought the 1997 Beijing 2020 via a Mississippi…

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Chrysler to get in on small car business in China?

Getting in on the small car business pretty much saved Chevrolet, and Chrysler seems to be looking at the same business model. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chrysler has indicated that they wish to enter the small and compact car segment to raise sales.

Chrysler sold less than 8,000 vehicles in China in 2006, however, in 2007 they are looking…

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Dodge Caravan ready for Q4 sales

Dodge are aiming to get the Chinese made Caravan ready for Q4 sales in 2007. Dodge have teamed up with SouEast motors to get the domestically made Caravan out on to the roads to rival the Buick GL8′s long standing dominance over the luxury business MPV sector.

The older generation caravans have been available in China for some time but this is the…

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Stretched 300C turns up in the motherland

The Chrysler 300c is arguably one of the best looking American made cars on the road today, actually, we could argue that its not American but made in China, at least for the Chinese market via the Beijing Benz tie up. Whatever, the 300c is cool. Despite the high 300c price in China, the base model is nearly double the American model, we would love…

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Nearly 11,200 Mercs sold in China so far this year

Merc execs must be 169% happy with their overall performance this year, and especially in China where they managed to sell 11,200 cars in the period from Jan 2007 to May 2007, this figure accounts for 72% of Mercedes’ Asia sales so far this year. To further push sales in China, Mercedes will create more cars locally (we presume different models, rather…

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New Beijing Jeeps

At the Beijing Car Show, the new Beijing Jeeps were unveiled, the Brave Warrior which is meant for military use plus a newer updated version of the original 2020, except this one is called the ‘Gladiator’ (角斗士 – jiao dou zhan)

New Beijing ‘Warrior’ Jeep

Beijing Jeep has finally redesigned their original model ‘Beijing Jeep 2020′, its only been 23 years or so since Daimler Chrysler first hooked up with Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corp to create the Beijing-Benz DaimlerChrysler Automotive Co Ltd (what is it with these car companies and their names?) Try saying that 30 times in a row!

The first…

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