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Next Gen Besturn B70 Goes From ‘Likeable’ to ‘Buyable’

The first generation Besturn B70 looked good, honestly it did, and I’m sure the people that bought it were more than happy with the Mazda 6 derived sedan which was designed by an Italian stylehouse. Except it didn’t quite look right, that has been solved in the next generation model which has moved on from clunk and has more funk:

This generation…

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Besturn’s B90 Continues To Update

The Besturn brand is performing, kind of, in the Chinese market, August sales for the entire brand reached just over 6100 vehicles. VW on the other hand reached over 187,000. During August the B90 sold 313 units, raising yearly sales from Jan to August to just over 6540 units (of which over 5000 belonged to the new X80 SUV), hardly figures to get excited…

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Besturn Launches X80 SUV

FAW’s Besturn brand launched its first SUV last week under the X80 name and promised more SUV’s were in the pipeline. The X80, along with other Besturn vehicles is based on Mazda architecture via FAW’s partnership with Mazda where several Mazda models are currently produced.

The Besturn X80 is priced from 119,800RMB to 181,800RMB with 2.0L and 2.3L…

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Besturn X80 SUV Struts in Shanghai

Besturn, the oddest named Chinese brand, aired its latest SUV at the Shanghai Auto Show. Based on the Mazda6 platform and powered by a self developed 1.8T engine, the X80 is by far the best looking car in the entire FAW range. Whilst Tianjin-FAW are busy bustling out unusual looking motors the X80 brings in a hint of affordable Infiniti.

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Next Generation Besturn B70 Spotted Out

The Besturn B70 sold quite strongly when it was first launched but the model lost ground in the face of strong competition from rival manufacturers products over the past few years. The Mazda6 based vehicle was designed in Italy and seemed to resonate well with Chinese audiences over the past few years, now the time has come for a new generation of…

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FAW’s Besturn MPV Sighted Road Testing

Along with the Mazda 6 platform, the Mazda 8 Platform has been sent over to FAW for their new Besturn MPV. The Mazda 8 hasn’t been a major seller in the Chinese market. The Mazda 8 used a 2.4L four cylinder along with a 4 speed and then later 5 speed automatic gearboxes, sale prices were circa 230,000RMB when launched. Under the Besturn name the MPV…

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Besturn SUV Reveals its Face

FAW’s Besturn brand suddenly burst into life with the creation of the Besturn B50 in 2008, before that they created the B70 and recently the B80 midsize sedan, all of which use the Mazda 6 platform. FAW are hoping that Besturn can become a major player in the Chinese auto industry, but the brands late arrival when compared to Roewe and MG, has left…

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FAW’s Besturn SUV Turns Out Rather Handsome – Spy Shots

FAW are not known for their stylish cars, the Besturn B70 was a blockish affair even though it was penciled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who seemingly sold the same drawings to Dongfeng for the Fengshen series, it was an odd looking car, the smaller B50 wasn’t much of an improvement, but this new SUV could be considered a masterpiece in the Besturn showroom…

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Besturn’s SUV Seems to Radiate Infiniti Lines

Big Grill? Check. Swooping Roof Lines. Check. Sporty Coupe Looking Rear? Check. Are we talking about Infiniti’s sexy FX series of Sports SUV’s? No. We’re talking about FAW’s new SUV for the Besturn range of vehicles. Let’s not focus entirely on the exterior as that is something we cannot see in its entirity just yet, I am sure pictures of the new SUV…

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Besturn B90 Sunning Itself in Hainan Ahead of Launch

The Besturn B90 is heading into production soon, or so we hear, but in the meantime the Mazda based sedan is testing down in the sunny climes of Hainan rather than the frigid tundra of FAW’s hometown in Changchun. Rumor has it the B90 will be using a 2.0L and 2.5L engine from Mazda, and will come packed with technology, although this model is firmly…

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FAW’s B90 Sedan to launch in early 2012

The B90 has been on the front page of China Car Times on multiple occasions this past month and we are still no closer to understanding what underpins the B90, rumor has it that the B90 is riding on the last generation of Mazda6 that FAW inherited from its partner, FAW shortened the platform for use within the B50 sedan and used it for the B70 sedan…

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Besturn B90 sighted with plenty of camo

The Besturn B90 will be FAW’s largest sedan under the Besturn brand and will compete with the likes of the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in the mid size sedan segment. However, it should be noted that other mid size cars from other Chinese car makers such as Geely’s EC8, Chery’s G6 and BYD’s F6 have failed to net any major sales. Chinese cars in this…

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Besturn aiming for the mid road but FAW to launch new brand as well

FAW’s Benteng brand will mainly target at the mid and high-end market priced above 100,000 yuan in future, and the Changchun-based automaker will launch a new brand to fill the wide gap between Benteng and Xiali brands, said Cui Dayong, deputy managing director of FAW Car Sales Company. FAW sold a record high of 132,000 Benteng cars in 2010,…

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Besturn B30 revealed ahead of Shanghai Auto Show, not looking cheap

So the Besturn B30 is riding on the mark2 Jetta platform, its going to be an economy model based on nearly 30 year old technology, then again, I am nearly 30 years old myself based and I still look great so there is obviously hope for the Besturn B30.

As mentioned, the Besturn’s underpinning’s maybe touching 30 years old but the rest of the car looks…

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This is the Besturn B90

Okay, between me and you, the Besturn range of cars are a bit boring, further more its quite obvious that Ital Design sold the same drawings to Dongfeng Auto for their S30 models. So what’s a car company to do? Well if you have Mazda as your partner the most obvious solution would be to borrow some of their styling, thus the B90 concept was born, a…

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Besturn B30 seen out testing

The Besturn B30 will be Besturn’s economy model in the boosted Besturn line up, one problem though: The car has been delayed to 2012. The B30 was originally slated to hit the market in 2011 and will be riding on the top of the VW Jetta platform, yes – that mark 2 VW Jetta platform, it seems that FAW are not yet ready to lay the old car to rest and plan…

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Besturn B50 – launches year end

The first Besturn B50 came off the production line the other day to the delight of FAW fans across China. The B50 is FAW’s second car under the Besturn brand, and it carries on the Besturn tradition of riding on Mazda technology.

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Besturn B50 sedan spotted – parked out in the snow

The Besturn brand is an unusual one, the name itself ‘Besturn’ was probably not the best choice for car – is it Pronounced Bes-Turn, or Best-Urn? Either way, we dont really think its a great name, but the cars that Besturn are actually making these days do look very good. The first Besturn was based on the Mazda6 platform, the new Besturn B50 may also…

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Besturn B50 – FAW’s latest toy uncovered

FAW have been working hard on their own brand of cars for quite some time, utilising foreign technology and design, they’ve pushed some way ahead of their domestic competition, but their one car brand, oddly named ‘Besturn’ (seperate the two words, and you get Best Urn – not the worlds most confidence inspiring name for an auto) is missing a second…

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