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Brilliance H220 Sighted Ahead of Launch

The Brilliance H220 has been spotted a few times before as well as being shown at this years Shanghai Auto Show where it was somewhat subdued by rival manufacturer products that gained major coverage. The H220 will take the place of the FRV which has been on the market since early 2008, this new model will take a 1.5L engine and a 5 speed manual gearbox…

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Brilliance to Use BMW’s N20 2.0T Engine to Develop High End MPV

Out of the German brands so far only Mercedes have entered into the MPV making business, despite Audi’s dominance in the business area in China they haven’t yet developed an MPV for the market, rumors of a BMW-Brilliance tie up to develop high end MPV’s have been circulating for a number of years but with little fire coming from the rumor mill despite…

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Brilliance H120 Pops Up in Shenyang

Over the past few years we have seen a change in direction with Chinese manufacturers, for a time it seemed that they were in a continual race to the bottom with ever cheaper cars, see the BYD F0 and Cherry QQ series for strong examples. Cheap cars don’t provide too much in terms of profit, but they do provide volume. If BYD and Chery didn’t have vehicles…

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Brilliance Auto Aiming For 14.6% Sales Growth

From China Daily:

Brilliance Auto Group aims to sell 770,000 vehicles this year, which would represent a year-on-year growth of 14.6 percent, according to a company report.

The company also plans to export 70,000 vehicles,…

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Brilliance’s Greater China II concept looks good; hints at future

Brilliance showed in Beijing an updated version of their sedan concept from last year. They make BMWs in China but their own brand didn’t do so well the past couple of years.

Some have translated it as the “Greater China” concept, but I’m not sure if this translation is accurate. There’s no official translation, so I’ll just stick with that. Sounds…

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Brilliance FRV gets major update for 2013

The FRV has quickly become a bread and butter car for Brilliance, the hatchback first aired in late 2008 and quickly became popular thanks to its low cost but spacious interior. Over the course of the past 4 years the FRV has been given several minor updates and also a Crossover version. The latest facelift brings the FRV in line with the recently launched…

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Brilliance FRV facelift for 2012

The FRV was Brilliance’s life force over the past two years, the mini car has certainly raised Brilliance’s profile in a major way by being their bread and butter vehicle in some hard times. The company followed up the launch of the FRV with the oddly proportioned FSV saloon which was not as popular as FRV or its larger BS4 cousin. For 2012 Brilliance…

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Brilliance 1.5T SUV to see production in Mid Nov, possible show casing at GZ Auto Show

At the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show BMW were rather upset with Brilliance’s plans to show the V5 SUV ahead of BMW’s plans to show their Chinese made X1 SUV, so Brilliance called off the launch. The BMW X1 is expected to launch at the Guangzhou Auto Show later this month and there is a small chance that the similarly shaped V1 will follow it at the press…

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Brilliance launch H530 with 1.6L and 1.5T – priced to win

Brilliance are one of the better Chinese car companies in terms of their design styling and range, however they have failed to gain mass volume sales in the red hot Chinese market, their line up is quite compact with three sedans (now 4) 1 hatchback, a coupe and a wagon, they also have an SUV in the works which should be shown at the Beijing Auto Show…

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Brilliance 530 to launch at end of August

Brilliance took a time out in 2010 and 2011 to focus on new core technologies and developing a new range of vehicles that should considerably boost their sales over the next few months. The short term focus for Brilliance will be bringing the 530 sedan and their new small SUV to the market, the 530 is of course set to hit the market at the end of August.


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Brilliance FRV Crossover – packing a 1.5T engine

Do you want a bubbly little crossover? Want to push 200Nm of torque through the front wheels? Then you need the facelift Brilliance FRV. For the 2012 model Brilliance have given the Crossover a slight make over and fitted their new 1.5T engine under the hood. The 1.5T’s actual bhp output is not overly impressive with just 135bhp, but with 200Nm of torque…

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Brilliance SUV spotted out testing to launchin within the year

Brilliance are best known for their classical sedan cars that are well priced and are well within the reach of the every day consumer, they have long wanted to develop a small SUV to enter into the SUV segment which has so far been dominated by Chery’s Tiggo model and Hovers H3 in the self developed Chinese SUV area – of course Honda’s CRV still remains…

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BMW launches own financial services company in China

This new financial services company from BMW will allow it to offer its own loans direct to consumers in China, which could mean a much needed boost in sales if BMW still has desires on becoming the top luxury car maker in China.

From Dow Jones:

BMW launched an automotive finance company in China on Monday, after the German auto maker…

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Jinbei’s SUV sighted out

Brilliance Holdings own Jinbei and also Brilliance Auto’s, Brilliance have been aiming to build an SUV model for a number of years but it seems that Jinbei have been them to it with their own model.

The above SUV is set to be Jinbei’s second SUV to reach the market, with their first being a converted pick up truck…

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Brilliance BS4 to die soon, new generation of model coming

The popular Brilliance BS4 will be retired soon, as a new generation of car, codenamed the Brilliance A4 is reportedly in development.

The BS4 has proven to be a popular model over the past few years, and is one of the cars that really lifted Brilliance out of its shell and gave it nationwide, and arguably international fame. The BS4 went onto sprout…

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BMW-Brilliance to work on second factory for stretched 3-Series and X1 production, produce to be exported.

The joint venture between Brilliance and BMW is set to become stronger with the addition of a second factory in Brilliance’s home city of Shengyang according to the Chairman of Brilliance Auto, Mr. Qi Yu Min. In a recent interview between Mr. Qi and Sohu Auto, a Chinese automotive portal, it was revealed that BMW-Brilliance are planning to set…

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Brilliance officially stops exporting to Europe, no plans for resumption!

Brilliance were one of the first Chinese automakers to hit the roads in Europe, they went alongside Landwind and found out that Europe is not the fair play ground that they had originally imagined. ADAC, a German motoring organisation carried out some rather unofficial crash testing on the Brilliance BS6 and ultimately destroyed any chance of it being…

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Brilliance FSV sports model spotted out testing!

Brilliance have always had an issue with the front end of their cars, they just have never looked great. The rear ends have always been fantastic (think BS4, BS6, FRV and Coupe) as have the side profiles but the front end of their models have always been lacking in the desirability aspect. The FSV, the sedan version of the FRV, has also suffered from…

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Facelift BS4 Wagon spotted out – Lookin’ good

The BS4 Wagon is one of the first good looking Wagons out in China, and is looking even better with its minor nip and tuck facelift that it is set to get for 2010:

The BS4 Wagon appears to have taken on some Audi Allroad styling, which suits the wagon very well. The front end has been given a more aggressive appearence with…

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Brilliance BS4 Facelift spotted out testing

A Brilliance BS4 with an updated nose has been spotted out testing in China, the new front end is reportedly a new grill which looks more like its big brother, the BS6, and also minor exterior modifications such as new wing mirrors, the rear end has also been given a lift and tuck.

The updated BS4…

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Stretched BMW 5 Series spotted out testing in China

The 5 series is a popular sedan, and is the second model to be produced in China via the Brilliance-BMW joint venture.

The stretched version is 140mm longer than the regular 5 series, and comes in at 4899x1860x1464mm (LxWxH), whilst the wheel base is now 310mm. Engines for the domestically built stretched 5-series has not…

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Brilliance and BMW to expand joint venture

Shenyang Brilliance and BMW are set to drastically expand their joint venture according to the Brilliance-BMW joint announcement this morning in the Great Hall of the People.

BMW are expected to expand their China line up with extra models, and are expected to invest a further 4 to 5 billion RMB into the joint venture.

The JV will see Brilliance…

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Brilliance to make own taxi

Apparently, Brilliance have been inspired by Geely’s idea that a taxi is not just a regular car, hence their latest plan to built a new A-Segment taxi.

The new car is possibly going to be built on the Brilliance BS4 platform, and will be followed by Jinbei MPV taxis, and a new C-segment taxi that is set to be built in 2011. Brilliance also plans…

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