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Buick Anthem Spotted in China

Buick’s Encore has been a hit in China but its a bit on the small side whilst the imported Enclave is at the opposite side of the spectrum and costs several times more than the petite Encore. The Buick Anthem and its forthcoming Chevrolet counterpart will neatly slot into the middle to give Chinese families something to upgrade towards once they outgrow…

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GM Launches 2014 Buick Regal and Regal GS

General Motors launched the 2014 Buick Regal and Regal GS in the Chinese market yesterday evening in the coastal city of Qingdao. The updated Regal has will come with 1.6T, 2.0T and 2.0L, 2.4L engines.

The most outstanding updated to the Regal is the larger, sculpted new chrome waterfall style grille which has become Buick’s signiture design theme…

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2014 Regal Buick GS Spied Prior to Launch

The Chinese version of the Buick Regal GS offered so much prior to launch where it was thought that it would be packing something more akin to the European versions where VXR models are given 325bhp (242 kW) from a 3.0L turbo engine and ride on 20inch alloys. The Chinese version used the same 2.0T petrol engine as the regular 2.0T Regal which was at…

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Buick Regal Gains Nip and Tuck

The face lifted Buick Regal has been aired in the USA but hasn’t yet made it to China, an unusual turn of events considering that China usually receives Buick products first before the North American market.

For 2014 no considerable updates have been made, like the Lacrosse the Regal has gained an enlarged grill which gives the Buick nose a more…

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Facelift Buick Regal GS Is Packing 250bhp

The 2014 Buick Regal GS is nearly upon us, it has already been aired at the Shanghai Auto Show along with the refreshed Lacrosse, of course the GS is practically upon us.

GM kept its 270BHP motor behind the curtains for its own Cadillac models rather than giving the Chinese made GS the big boy it had to make do with the regular 2.0T with just 220bhp…

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Buick Rivera Concept Shows Future Buick Styling

Buick has positioned itself well in the Chinese market, whilst the brand maybe known as the semi official brand for senior citizens in North America, it has transformed into a semi luxury brand for Chinese consumers.

“The new Riviera offers a preview of Buick’s future design language,” said Shanghai GM President Ye Yongming. “By seamlessly integrating…

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Buick Lacrosse Facelift Spy Shots: More Grill, More Black

The Buick Lacrosse has been a hit on the Chinese market, business users and personal users have taken to the cars oversized bulk with much glee making it a regular sight on Chinese roads. The Lacrosse hit the perfect price segment with the launch of the current generation, Chinese consumers love the idea of a ‘Da Qi‘ car that is able to command…

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Buick Encore Testing in China Yet Again

The Chinese media are playing a guessing game over the Encore, they know its coming, but they don’t know if the road going versions currently camo’d up and out on China roads are Chinese market models or American market models. They also seem to think that the Chinese version will be carrying the same engines as the US version, which is headlined by…

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Buick Encore doing more testing in China

The chunky mini SUV from Buick is still doing road testing in China ahead of a potential December 2012 launch, the American version receives a 1.4T engine but the Chinese version is likely to call a 185bhp 1.6T unit its powerplant when it launches. Pricing is expected to be from 150,000rmb to 200,000rmb.


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GM releases Buick GS interior shots ahead of September launch

The Buick Regal GS will enter the market in September this year and will be packing an upgraded version of the 2.0T engine found in the current Regal, the GS will also carry a slightly more sportier face which was borrowed from the Opel OPC that is sold in Europe. The interior has also undergone some changes with improved sports seats and the surprise…

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Buick Regal GS is expected to be sub 300,000rmb when launched

The Buick Regal GS is expected to launch later this year with September being touted as a possible launch date, the GS will be be made in China and will make full use of the 2.0T Direct Injection engine that is currently used in the Cadillac SLS, the only four cylinder Caddy to date. The 2.0T in question produces an impressive 262bhp through the front…

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Buick’s baby SUV given rendered treatment by Chinese magazine

Buick owes its life to the Chinese auto market, if the brand did not get an early foothold in the door in China then there is no doubt that the brand would have gone the way of Saturn a long time ago, in the US market the brand only appealed to the silver haired army whilst youngsters ignored the brand completely, in China the Buick brand gained its…

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Buick Envision SUV concept revealed

Buick are in dire need of a compact SUV to take on the Chinese market, it is a segment that they have almost lost to the Japanese, Korean and European compact offerings but a Buick branded SUV will have the pulling power to take back what has been lost, thus Buick have released the Envision SUV concept at the Shanghai Auto Show. The official unveiling…

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Buick Envision SUV renderings revealed before Shanghai Auto Show launch

The Shanghai Auto Show is Shanghai-GM’s chance to shine on the world stage, especially as it is in their own backyard. This year they have an amazing array of cars on show including the Camaro, new Malibu, new Aveo (aka the Sonic) and various other models, one of their major concepts is the below Buick SUV.

The Envision SUV will have its official…

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Is the Regal GS China bound?

The Buick Regal has already been on the market in China for the past 18 months or so, but it could about to be joined by the Regal GS – the American version of the 2.0T that is already on the market in China.

When we say “already on the market” what we mean is, its available as a 220bhp form but lacks the styling and power of the GS; which puts out…

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Spy shots: New Buick GL8 MPV in the flesh

MPV’s have stayed in the realm of business use in China, where as in Western countries they are used for larger families that require extra space for the road – due to Chinese families being largely nuclear, there is of course not much need for a 7 seater van on every driveway in China (or rather apartment complex car park. The GL8 was originally designed…

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Next generation Buick MPV spotted out will launch before end of year

The next generation of Buick GL8 was recently sighted without camo in downtown Shanghai and shows that the GL8 is very close to production. The GL8 was introduced into China in 2001 and quickly became the industry standard for business use MPV’s within China. As it was popular from the start it only gained two major updates in its life time, although…

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2011 Buick Lacrosse rendered in glory

It appears that the 2011 Buick Regal will be getting the Opel Insignia’s VXR treatment in the front and rear. For those that are not familiar, the VXR series of cars were Opel’s and Vauxhall’s performance lines for the Insignia model in the European market.

The VXR range comes in 4×4 which is a 2.8 V6 Turbo power house for Europe, its…

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Buick Excelle GT to launch in July?

The Buick Excelle GT sedan is expected to launch in July according to Chinese automotive media sources. The Excelle GT is based off the GM Delta II platform which is also shared with other China made products such as the Chevrolet Cruze and the Buick Excelle hatchback. The Chinese press are already referring to the Excelle as the baby Lacrosse due their…

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Buick Excelle GT sedan to come in three flavors

The soon to be launched Buick Excelle GT Sedan is going to be launched in three different flavors at this weeks Beijing Auto Show according to our sources.

As with the hatchback version, the sedan will come with the same engines, a 1.6, a 1.8, and a range topping 1.6T.  The cars will officially launch on April 23rd.


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New Buick Excelle sedan spotted out

Buicks new Excelle hatchback was launched late 2009 at the Guangzhou Auto Show, and will hit the dealerships very soon. Shanghai GM are also working on an saloon version which will launch sometime in the middle of 2010.

This car has already been spotted testing in the USA, but this is thought to be the first…

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Buick Excelle Hatch – The big picture!

The Buick Excelle hatchback, alongside the MG6 are arguably the big stars of the Guangzhou Auto show this year. The Excelle hatch signals the end of the dated Daewoo Lacetti hatchback, and the rebranding of the European Opel Astra for the Chinese marketplace.

Whilst it maybe a rebranded Astra, the Chinese version known as…

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Buick HRV, practically naked aside for tape covering its modesty

The Buick HRV is lining up to become one of the best looking compact cars in the Chinese market for 2010, especially with its handsome powertrains that are going to be both cheaper, and more powerful than the competition in its segment.

Apparently the new HRV is in pre-production testing and will launch at the…

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This is the 2011 Buick MPV – Spyshots!

The Buick MPV is practically a staple of Chinese business practice, they ferry clients from office to office in reasonable luxury, they’re comfortable, they look good, but it seems they only come in blue and silver. The 2011 Buick MPV is a step away from the boxy MPV of 2009, with a more rounded shape and a better looking dashboard, the 2011 version…

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New Buick HRV to be a 1.6T Rocket?

The Buick line up in China is quite frankly fantastic, you have a mixture of cars, everything from mini sedans, to larger sedans and MPV’s and SUV’s, it’s simply brilliant. It almost makes me want to become a Buick owner just looking through the glass at the dealership, cars like the new Regal and the Lacrosse want me to get my cash out right there…

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Buick Regal 1.6T to launch in Sept

This year GM has successfully launched the Chevrolet Cruze, the Buick Lacrosse and the new Buick Regal. The Regal was a massive breakaway from the last generation of Regal which was an American designed land yacht, but the current Regal is based on the German designed Opel Insignia.

Buick currently have the naturally aspirated 2.0, 2.4 as well as…

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The New Buick Regal makes Shanghai girl go crazy

The new Buick Regal is quite a car, Europeans will know it as the Opel Insignia, but to Chinese markets its certainly the new Regal. CCT is by no means a Buick fan, but the new Regal makes us want to become a Buick owner in our tender 20′s, and it seems the Regals attraction was just too much for this Shanghai girl:



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Buick Regal goes out of production in the PRC

The Buick Regal has finally come to an end in the PRC, the Regal was the first ‘big Buick’ to enter the PRC, and perhaps the only ‘true Buick’ to go on sale in the PRC to date.

The Regal only sold 3791 cars in the first half of 2008, a long way from the 8000 cars per month it would sell when it was launched in 2003. A new Read More →

Buick China to get a shake up?

Buick is GM’s flagship brand in China, without Buick regulary pumping up sales figures for GM, what shape would they be in now? Its no wonder that GM give Buick China extra special care, in such a boom or bust environment they would be foolish not to.

Many people comment that the Chinese Buick line up is far better than the American one, an odd observation…

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Opel Insignia = New Buick Regal in China?

The original Buick Regal was Buick Chinas first ‘big hit’, it was the first non Asian big car to hit the big time in PRC, middle class executives lapped up the motor which ranged from a pokey 2.0l 16v to 2.5V6 and 3.0 V6 model that offered a decent amount of power and luxury, whilst not breaking the bank. The Buick Regal is certainly getting on a bit…

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Buick Excelle face lift – official pictures

The latest generation of Buick Excelle will be officially launched on April 12th this year, a little bit earlier than what we were expecting. The US made, Buick Excelle SUV will also be launched on the same day, giving Buick China a double whammy. Buick China have released a few teaser photos of the new Excelle:

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Old Buick Excelle to be churned out as a Chevy

The new Buick Excelle was feature on China Car Times a while back, where it met a mixed response from CCT commenters. However, the old Excelle received more than a warm response from Chinese consumers with it selling thousands of vehicles per month and often ending up in the top 10 sales lists. In true GM tradition, it seems from these photos that the…

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New Buick Excelle for China

The new Buick Excelle is set to take the Chinese market by storm when its launched, (perhaps in late 2008). The current Excelle already tops best selling compact sedan sales charts in China on a monthly basis, and the newer updated one shown below is set to follow that trend.

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