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First Denza Model Spotted Near Flagship Beijing Dealership

The first car from BYD-Daimlers Denza brand has been spotted once again, this time in Beijing close to the flagship Denza dealership center from where the car will eventually be sold.

The design of the Denza came about as a joint project between Daimler and BYD, Daimler whom supplied the luxury automotive know how, and BYD who supplied the EV ability,…

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BYD’s Super Car To Be Named Han

BYD’s Deputy Sales Manager Li Yun Fei revealed that BYD will continue to work on its dual hybrid systems throughout 2014 and will introduce a new sports car in 2015.

The sports car has already been codenamed the E9 internally with work well underway, the new car will have a Ferrari comparable time of 3.9 seconds on the 0-100km/h run. The new model…

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BYD Reveals Redesigned F3 With 1.5T

BYD has redesigned its mass selling F3 to bring it inline with the flagship BYD Su Rui sedan, the F3 fits in at the bottom of the BYD sedan totem pole which means considerably less creature comforts when compared to the Su Rui.

Power plants will be shared between the Su Rui and the F3, which means the 1.5T and BYD’s own dual clutch gearbox will…

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BYD M3 Makes The NV200 Pretty

BYD’s addiction to making existing cars in its own design trend is not exactly a secret, you only have to look at the BYD S6 and BYD M6 models to see Toyota’s with BYD characteristics.

The next model from BYD is thought to be the new BYD M3 which will sit below the aforementioned M6, the M3 will be powered by a 1.5L and a 2.0L engine with the potential…

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BYD To Dabble in MPV Waters Again With NV200 Inspired M3

To say BYD’s MPV range has been a major hit would be a lie. The Shenzhen company’s first MPV product, the M6, came just before the rapid selling S6 SUV, was priced considerably higher and as such failed to gain many consumers. The M6 is currently priced from just over 100,000RMB for the base 7 seater with a 2.0L and manual gearbox to 135,000RMB for…

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BYD S6 Puts Grown Up Pants On, Becomes BYD S7

The BYD S6 was BYD’s answer to the SUV craze that is sweeping China, they sold it on a pile it high, sell it cheap philosophy that  brought Lexus looks down from the 500,000RMB category to a more palletable 100,000RMB price tag. BYD sold them by the thousands with 2.0L and 2.4L naturally aspirated engines and manual and automatic gearboxes, but they…

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BYD’s Qin Is Aiming At the Regular Compact Sedan Market, Hopes For 2000 Units Per Month

The BYD Qin sedan launched several days ago in Beijing, a month later than expected owing to difficulties in local and national subsidies for new energy vehicles, but was it really? The delayed launch only gained greater media interest in BYD’s latest flagship energy vehicle. On the downside, the new energy policies rolled out by the Central Government…

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BYD’s Future Product Plan Leaked Ahead of Schedule: New SUV’s, Low Cost EV’s.

One naughty person has leaked information on the future BYD product range onto BYD owners forums over at, and the news is rather interesting. As not all CCT readers can understand Chinese, let us break it down for you.

Second Generation F3 – It will cost around 1000RMB more over the previous gen due to improved materials with a launch…

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After Qin, BYD is Prepping Tang

BYD is continuing with its Chinese dynasty themes with the introduction of the Tang SUV after creating the Qin plugin hybrid sedan which will launch in the next few months.

The Tang is thought to be heavily based on the original BYD S6 SUV which BYD have already updated with the introduction of a more comprehensive BYD S7 SUV at the Guangzhou Auto…

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Watch the BYD Qin Drag Race and Conquer Other Race Cars

The BYD Qin is the ultimate Q car; from the outside its just a three box sedan that is reminiscent of the BYD F3 on which it is based which itself was cloned from a Toyota Corolla except the Qin is more fit for 21st Century roads. Inside the Qin however is a 1.5T 150BHP engine which may not sound like much, but its also paired with an electric motor…

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BYD Announces Future Supercar With 3.9s 0-100

At a recent technical focused meet and greet with the Chinese automotive media, BYD announced a series of new technology cars including multiple new forced induction engines, two new hybrid powertrains and a range topping supercar.

BYD is not know for its design flair or its sporting credentials, the fledgling company has been producing cars that…

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Facelift BYD F3 Readies for China

The BYD F3 was BYD’s claim to fame in 2008 when the car first appeared, it gave BYD a heroic rise followed by an unprecedented fall following waves of quality concerns from consumers. For a time, BYD preferred to make everything in house from windshields to windscreen wipers but the company quickly realized that they could not master the quality levels…

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BYD’s Pure EV Light Truck ‘T5′ Offers 400km Range – Spy Shots

BYD have been at the forefront of electrifying vehicles in the Chinese market for several years, first their E6 passenger car which they handed over to taxi fleets, and the K9 bus which seems to be have been welcomed all over the world and then comes the T5 electric light truck.

Information beyond spy pictures is limited at the moment but from what…

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BYD Announces Plans For Bus Plant in the USA

Earlier this week the Shenzhen based automaker BYD announced plans to open a new facility in the USA to build electric buses for the US market. BYD’s Vice President Stella Li announced plans at the company’s zero emissions US headquarters, and announced that the first ten buses will be heading to Long Beach and will be in service in early 2014.


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BYD S7 SUV Offers Substantial Upgrades Over S6

The S7 arrived in Shanghai to play big brother to the S6. The S7 is essentially the same car as the S6, although it offers turbo power in the form of BYD’s new 2.0T engine, a dual clutch gearbox, and an All Wheel Drive system.

Whilst BYD have excelled at making high volume cars they have failed at making high volume high priced cars which has lead…

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BYD Qin Concept Gains Strange Parts

To call BYD’s Qin sedan a concept is a little strange, the external bodywork is pretty much a done deal but the interals are still under deliberation prior to production happening. The Qin mates BYD’s flagship 1.5T with a hybrid system which creates crazy stats – 316bhp and 440Nm of torque in a Toyota Corolla sized vehicle, it’s also fairly frugal apparently…

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BYD Readying EV Fleet for Jordan

Unlike its regional neighbors Jordan is not an oil rich nation, the country does have considerable phosphate resources and potentially large resources of oil shale however the kingdom still relies on imports to keep its cars on the road. From 2005 onwards the government slowly rolled back subsidies on gasoline, diesel and kerosene to liberalize Jordan’s…

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BYD G5/Su Rui Sales Jump Over 10,000 Units

The BYD Su Rui Sedan seems to be BYD’s game changing vehicle, the Su Rui was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in April this year and launched shortly afterwards with pricing starting at 80,000RMB and topping out at around 120,000RMB. The Su Rui has now become known as the BYD G5 for overseas markets and will soon be exported out of China. In the meantime,…

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BYD’s Qin Hybrid Spied – 316BHP and 440Nm of Torque

The BYD Qin Hybrid is an entirely new hybrid from the makers of the original BYD F3 DM, the Qin was aired in concept form at the Beijing Auto Show in April where it was well received by media and consumers, however the real focus of that auto show was on the Su Rui sedan, the donor vehicle for the Qin’s electric hybrid engine. The F3DM was criticized…

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BYD E6 Gains Chrome Wheels for Guangzhou Auto Show

BYD seems to be gaining strength, the Su Rui compact and the Si Rui mid size sedan were on show in Guangzhou with their nifty power 1.5T direct injection power plants and dual clutch gearboxes but the real star of the BYD line up is the BYD E6. The E6 debuted first as a taxi vehicle but then later came to the market as a personal model.

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BYD E6 Getting Ready for Hong Kong Taxi Duty

Despite the Chinese mainland having a plethora of auto brands Hong Kong cabbies still prefer their Japanese brands, back in the swinging 60′s ‘British’ brands such as Ford’s Anglia and Vauxhall Velox as well as Austins, Hillman’s. Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan slowly entered the market but only Toyota remains any…

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BYD Revels F3 Plus Details Online, 1.5T, Dual Clutch, and Self Driving.

BYD’s new flagship compact sedan, the F3 Plus, or Su Rui in Chinese, is going to launch on September 10th which is just 30 days away. In the meantime to keep BYD fans salivating at the thought of a high value low cost sedan, BYD released renders of the final product earlier today.

The BYD F3 Plus is not to be sniffed at, the car may…

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BYD Buses to be on European roads soon

When you run a National Park in the Netherlands, green is going to be the top of your agenda when shopping for new buses for your fleet. BYD beat out international competition to become the sole supplier of electric buses to the Freisland Provincial Government who required new vehicles for their fleet.

BYD put forward a strong case for its buses…

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BYD and Daimler’s Denza Concept Shines in Beijing

BYD and Daimler’s electric creation took to the auto show floor for the first time at the Beijing Auto Show this week. The cooperation between a world famous electric car company and a not so famous car company did initially come as a shock to the auto world, but both have clear points that both companies need: Mercedes has engineering, luxury…

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BYD signs over another 1500 vehicles to Shenzhen, making the world’s largest electric vehicle fleet

Where is the world’s biggest fleet of electric vehicles? Perhaps it is in a more cosmopolitan western city such as San Francisco, New York, London or Paris? Actually its not so surprising to learn that is in Shenzhen, the home of BYD Auto. BYD in recent years strived to put its electric know how onto the roads, however it has come across road blocks…

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BYD Shares Rise Thanks to Zero Sales Tax on EV’s in 2012

From Bloomberg

BYD Co. (1211), the automaker partly owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., rose to a two-month high in Hong Kong after the People’s Daily today reported China’s government will exempt three of the company’s electric car models from vehicle-usage tax charges.

BYD gained as much as…

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BYD L6 Ready to Launch

The BYD G6 is already a handsome car with a decent 1.5T engine and also a fairly strong tech line up under the hood, however BYD are eager to bring out the L6 which will sit above the G6 but look somewhat similar to the G6. Confused? It seems that although BYD have cleaned out their dealer network of dead wood the product line is in need of a shake…

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BYD’s new mid size sedan that actually looks good

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of BYD but their continual use or should we say car designs that were inspired by existing cars seems to be the fledgling car company’s greatest drawback, where BYD have gained great ground in developing the latest generation of EV’s they have lost a lot of ground in the great PR war to their copied cars, but not with…

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