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Suzuki Swift Sport Launches in China With an 180,000RMB Gamble

Suzuki are doing everything they can to stay relevant in the world’s biggest automotive market, their latest exploit is to launch the Suzuki Swift 1.6L Sports model as a rival to its own domestically made Chinese model which comes with 1.3L and 1.5L models.

The imported model comes with an 178,800RMB to 188,800RMB price tag depending on specification…

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Suzuki’s New Low Cost China Sedan

Chang’an Suzuki have a very old lady in their line up – The Suzuki Gazelle. The Gazelle is basically the second generation Suzuki Cultus in sedan form which North Americans will happily remember was the Pontiac Firefly in the late 80′s and early 90′s, whilst the rest of the world weened themselves off low cost Suzuki’s (aside from India, they still…

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Suzuki Bringing Authentics Compact Sedan to Chang’an Suzuki JV And Swift Sports Model

Chang’an Suzuki will soon be on the receiving end of a new car – the Authentics concept. Suzuki revealed the new sedan at the recent Shanghai Auto Show earlier this year.

The Authentics concept will give Suzuki a much needed new model in the Chinese market after sitting on the Swift and SX4 for such a long time without any new fresh metal, the only…

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Suzuki Clinging to Life in China

Suzuki has become Japan’s Chrysler. Suzuki’s range of cars remain on the smaller side in terms of size. Aside from the company’s SUV and slow selling Kizashi sedan, Suzuki still remains tied to its small car range such as the Swift and the SX4.

The aforementioned cars are Suzuki’s big hitters for the Chinese market, although…

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Suzuki Kizashi still doing poorly in the Chinese market

The Suzuki Kizashi was a much heralded vehicle in the Chinese automotive press prior to its launch in China, an AWD vehicle that came in at a price lower than the equivalent Subaru Legacy but without the lashings of internal fake wood, but after actually hitting the market the Kizashi has been as popular as a case of herpes.

Gasgoo is reporting that…

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2011 SX4 spotted out

An usual thing has happened with this SX4 sedan – it has become smaller. Usually in China cars get stretched, but for some reason this 2011 SX4 has shrunk by a mere 2cm, of course this going to have no bearing on any purchase, but an usual start to a new car none the less. The 2011 SX4 gets a new grill with more chrome and slightly altered front lights…

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Chang’an Suzuki to update Swift, no new Swift yet

Whilst the rest of the world is getting the generation of Suzuki Swift, it seems that Chang’an Suzuki have decided there is plenty more milage left in the current China built Suzuki Swift and have thus given it a face lift for 2011.

The above Swift continues to have its handsome stance that has helped it become one of the…

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Facelift Suzuki Swift to launch tomorrow

Suzuki have had a big hit on their hands from day one when they launched the Suzuki Swift into China, the low cost mini car that has a lot of funk about it has been a best seller seller for a long time, initially only coming in 1.3L form but later came in 1.5L form, which then followed on with a variation of special editions which kept the Chinese motoring…

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Suzuki WagonR to launch in 2010 first quarter

Kei car fans in China needn’t wait much longer for another kei car fix, Suzuki have already launched the Suzuki Alto (and have an order book of 20,000 vehicles per month already) and will launch a new generation of Suzuki WagonR in the first quarter of 2010.

The WagonR is available in China with a 1.4L engine, making it perfect it for city life,…

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Wowsers – Suzuki Kizashi Sports spotted in China!

The Suzuki Kizashi is the first big Suzuki sedan to be built in China (unless of course you count the Suzuki Verona, which was the last generation Chevrolet Epica) and will be built by Chang’an-Suzuki sometime in 2010. A sports model oKizashi has been spotted out testing in China, and has proven to be a hit online:

[gallery link=”file” order=”DESC”…

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Suzuki Kizashi Spotted….. in China!

The Suzuki Kizashi is Suzuki’s latest mid size sedan concept car, that is due to be put into production later this year for Western markets, but it appears that it may well be in production in the Middle Kingdom early next year:

It’s likely that the Suzuki Kizashi will be produced in cooperation with…

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Updated Suzuki Swift for China

CCT has a very large soft spot for the Suzuki Swift, it maybe getting on a bit in its current guise, but we’d still buy one if we had the spare cash, and perhaps somewhere to park it. The Chinese Swift went from being a mere 1.3l to a 1.5l offering, and now a further upgrade has been made.

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Chang’an Suzuki to rehash old cars for 08

Chang’an Suzuki make some great little cars, currently limited to the SX4 and the Swift, but we do like their abilities to re-invent the same car and keep it on sale no matter what! Truly ingenious!


The Suzuki Swift has been on the market in China for roughly 4 years, in that time the engine has been increased from a 1.3…

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Suzuki Swift to get a bigger engine

China Car Times always wanted a Suzuki Swift for himself, but unforunatly the 1.3 engine is a tad (very) puny for our long distance driving needs, however, Changan Suzuki have finally seen the terrible error they have made and have started to put 1.5 engines into the Swift. 1.3l engines are great for inner city travel but arent so great for doing repeated…

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